Blurb by Emmjay

Good Grief ! This lady runs Britain ! She’s doing a fairly good job at making Scomo and Trumpasaurus looks pretty sharp in comparison.

Here’s the drum: I heard an interview with a nutritionist about whether or not to cut the occasional mould spot off cheese and to kick on. This was his advice:

” If it’s a hard cheese, that’s probably OK if you cut a generous margin around the mould. But …. the stuff you can see are just the fruiting bodies – the rest of the fungus (the mycelia) is running deeper into the body of the cheese and this can cause upset stomach or worse. Personally, I would not do this for a soft cheese like say a brie or a camembert because you just don’t know how far the mycelia run”

So this would suggest that doing it with jam is a) crazy and b) such a tightwad thing to do she deserves the consequences – probably blame the Russians (worked in the past),