Plums of Norm

With the failure of his daily debacles of selfish publicity to convince the public, Scomo will address his flagging popularity by piggy-backing on the popularity of the premiers on a twice weekly basis. This was announced with the subterfuge that a war footing is necessary in contradiction the need for such action over the previous year.

This manoeuvre was required when his tactical retreat to Facebook failed. He resorted to Facebook to avoid accountability to questions about his blatant failure to communicate a credible schedule for vaccination. His blatherings on Facebook contradicted his own advice that no-one should use it for government anouncements and highlighted that he is less popular than the disgraced Kelly in promotion of fake news.

So the master of marketing pivoted with the grace of an overstuffed dead feline.

He made another bellicose announcement with the distractions of vaccination hubs he had previously dismissed. This was…

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