Nice Try Angus or Enjoy the View from the Bottom

In a near perfect piece in The Politics, titled “The Phantom of the Opposition”, Rachel Withers highlighted the childish buffoons now warming seats on the opposition benches opposing every one of the amendments and the climate change legislation itself.

Take a long hard look at these men. I repeat, men. They present themselves with the aplomb of a gang of schoolboy smokers who’ve just been sprung behind the boy’s toilet block – and are facing six of the best cuts of the cane.

Clueless nonces too dumb to see that they are far far and away on the wrong side of history and that an Opposition is supposed to hold the government to account. Not just oppose everything – including an amendment aimed at assisting regional voters. So much for being a coalition.

Perhaps the most pleasing schadenfreude is the obvious discomfort of the so-called Leader of the Opposition and former PM’s pit bull terrier trying like buggery to appear to be nice. His exhaustion in this endeavour is palpable.

I think it’s time for the good father to rock over and give this shadow of its former self a hand. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode “Father O’Way’s advice for struggling former bush copper leaders of Her Madge’s Opposition”. And the sequel “Know Your Bench”