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give a crap


The Pig’s Arms exists because a dozen or so years ago our other favourite playpen – the ABC’s Unleashed blogsphere started to go off.  Like a sack of prawn heads  in the sun.  Something had to be done.

Moderation was taking forever.  Comments seemed to be rejected randomly – outrageous ones appeared and reasoned ones were pinged.   When they released the Drum / Unleashed ….. things actually got worse !

So many pieces from professional writers appear with no obvious merit.  And the moderation has become, to put it frankly, appalling.

As a former contributor and a commenter, I was deeply disappointed at the plummeting quality from our pre-eminent media empire.  And I resented so many challenging or dare I say, witty or funny posts in which we’ve invested seconds of our precious time – getting the chop.

So here, for all our benefit – is an open slather blog.  Copy and paste your best rejected comments here for posterity.  Does not matter whether you’re posting on the Guardian, First Dog on the Moon or wherever else.

And sprinkle pointers to the Pig’s Arms amongst your comments.  Let’s try to rescue some of the old faithful.



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  1. Out of lockdown last Saturday and today Thursday 16th Sept back into it. Had my first lunch date with a pal booked for tomorrow. Cancelled. Am a bit pissed off. Albury has been in defacto lockdown for over 18 months. It’s weird. We should have had ‘freedoms’ much earlier and were denied it. Free to roam in a small radius but always stuffed by the border, police checks, 1-4 hour queues. Just have to say – BUGGER.


    • Bloody frustrating. If the lockdowns were actually based on science they’d be based on areas of high infection rate, not on state borders which were, essentially divisions divisions by accident, or convenience.

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    • We managed a picnic on Tuesday with my sisters and father. Dad turned 90 last week and a shindig had been planned with 25 of his nearest and dearest until COVID got in the way. First time we’ve seen him since June, he’s had a brief stint in hospital at that time. Good for his mental health and ours.

      State borders hey. You know what I think as I’ve pointed out before. 19th century lines on flat bits of paper that bear no semblance to how people live and work. As Big says if only this was based on science rather than parochial point scoring. If only we has something resembling leadership at a Federal level, instead of a ninth rate marketeer and spiv trying to win the next election.

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  2. vivienne29 said:

    Possum update no-one noticed: Last night I got proof they were fucking in my roof – mum possum slowly walked past lounge room window with very young baby possum on her back.

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  3. Just discovered this news report and thought I’d share it with you all:


    • Oops! My apologies fellow piglets… it seems I’ve accidentally spread a piece of misinformation… in fact this doctor mis-spoke and later corrected himself. Here’s what happened just a few seconds later, when he was asked to clarify what he said… He corrects himself:

      Mike, if you want, you’re more than welcome to delete the above post. I’d do it myself if I could! I don’t deliberately spread disinfo!

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  4. algernon1 said:

  5. vivienne29 said:

    It’s not much chop being in lockdown on your own. Lola helps but she’s not much good with conversation.


    • algernon1 said:

      That’s not good viv. Can’t say I’m enjoying eight weeks in and probably another 3 months to go. All the children have moved home, the eldest temporarily, which we’re not used to. Mrs A and I as well as the younger have had two jabs now. The others have had one. Been Zooming my father and my sisters, he enjoys it. COVID has buggered up his 90th next month. Maybe later in the year.


      • vivienne29 said:

        Sadly we are all missing so much. At least I have plenty of room (8 acres) and can’t complain about being shut in as such. I can see my regular fav ladies at the local IGA and Chemist and Butcher more often than I can my grandchildren. Still a month to go for my second jab.


        • algernon1 said:

          Yes they seem to be the small highlights, speaking with the Chemist, Butcher etc. I walk Kiki (greyhound) the elders dog in the morning and now walking Kida (Kelpador) the youngers dog twice a day as she sprained her ankle. Now have to do that with a mask. Keeps me fit though and losing a few kilos in the bargain.


          • vivienne29 said:

            Should add I do see Daughter No.2 regularly as a carer – I can’t put fresh fitted sheets on the bed with my arthritis. I need assistance with some jobs as I have no arm strength. It’s tough and I do hope we can get the vax rates higher asap. Just so bloody angry with the Morrison bastard who has not worked hard. It didn’t have to get to this frankly. I never imagined you needing to lose a few kilos !


          • algernon1 said:

            I needed to lose plenty of kilo’s viv. I’m trying to lose a kilo a month until the end of next year.

            The nation was always going to be infected with COVID at some stage with waves like now, but it could have been so much better than it has turned out. I’m sick of Scotty the Stupid treating it like a marketing exercise with a view to re election rather than a health emergency. The whole vaccine procurement and roll out has been a complete botch.


  6. Greatalys


  7. Here’s a good track

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  8. algernon1 said:

    Vale Ernie Sigley.

    With apologies, a classic, not.


    • vivienne29 said:

      Ernie was a very naughty boy. He had relations with some of my rels in Adelaide. I’ve forgotten the details. I still have no idea how he ‘succeeded’ – he really was just another smartarse dipshit.


  9. algernon1 said:

    Viv, I see they shut the live blog before I could reply regarding the pressers. I should have added if one lives in a border community then watching another states presser makes sense.

    As for sitting and watching every state presser though, especially when there is no value to someone I don’t see the point.


    • vivienne29 said:

      Yes – that is exactly the case for me and many others. I do think the pressers go on for too long and I understand that for many others it becomes a lot of mind numbing noise.


      • algernon1 said:

        The one thing I’ve found about the Live blog is come 11am and the Binchook steps up it becomes the fiction hour for most the posters. Binchook doesn’t help herself, but seriously most of the posts are unhinged, the same repeated incorrect tropes are posted over and over.

        The latest about vaccinations. She hasn’t said what will open up or not at 6m vaccinations, but many speculate this and that. Casey Briggs put forward at current rates 70% and 80% achievement timelines. NSW will achieve 70% on 13 September and 80% on 26 September. I reckon it will be end of next month before any real freedoms in Greater Sydney.

        Victoria on the other hand won’t reach 70% until 26 October and 80% on 29 November. WA 8 November and 8 December.


        • vivienne29 said:

          I saw that chart and find it strange. It seems to mean that doses of vaccines are not being distributed equally.


          • algernon1 said:

            Possibly. Could be many are taking up the AZ rather than waiting for Pfizer. Its also first doses. So 80% fully vaccinated is 14 weeks after the later date.


        • You won’t catch me getting even the 1st dose of ANY of those vaccines… (and after a recent bout of pneumonia with pulmonary embolisms, and being in the second half of my seventh decade on this poor, benighted planet, I’m well and truly in a ‘high risk’ group! But I’ll take my chances with the ‘disease’ rather than take ANY of the vaccines. In fact, I won’t even be getting the ‘viral pneumonia’ vaccine either, in spite of having recently been recommended that I do because they say another bout could kill me because I don’t trust the doctors not to slip me the Covid vaccine instead!)

          Here’s why I refuse to get vaccinated: I’ve been watching some very factual, but very horrifying videos about what these vaccines, and SARS2/Covid19 are all about. Did you know that there were already PATENTS taken out on the SARS2/Covid19 virus BEFORE the initial outbreak in 2019?

          And you might want to check out what Dr Sucharit Bhakti and Dr Geert Van Den Bossche have to say about vaccines and the Covid virus and the effect of mass vaccination during a pandemic…

          In the meantime, here’s a couple of links to a couple of ‘testimonies’ at a recent German Corona Inquiry Committee which I think you’ll all find interesting, if not downright horrifying (they horrify me, anyway!):

          And here’s one about the “Criminal Violations of Dr Fauci”:

          I’ve been suspicious about this ever since this ‘disease’ first emerged and I discovered it was probably man-made… now I’m certain of the fact that a) it IS a man-made and weaponised virus (NB: ‘Gain of function research’ is a euphemism for ‘Biological warfare research’!) and b) the virus was created in order to push the vaccines! There were patents taken out on the vaccines BEFORE the disease was actually created! (As per the second video!) So this disease was created for the vaccine, rather than the vaccine created for the disease! How’d ya like THEM apples, piglets?

          I didn’t want to say anything before now because I didn’t want to be accused of ‘scare-mongering’… but this horrifies me so much, I think it’s a duty to spread it as much as I can. Please pass on this info to all whom you all hold dear, and tell them to pass it on to their friends and family too. Censorship of anyone speaking the truth about this issue is so bad it could be that the ‘bush telegraph’ is the only effective way to get the word out.

          I feel sorry for anyone who has actually had the vaccine, but wish them the very best of luck! They’ll need it! (And if you’ve only had one dose FFS DON’T get the second ‘clot-shot’!) Dr Bhakti also produced a video which explained what the spike protein will actually do, and how it can even cross the ‘blood-brain’ barrier. Please google him and see what he and Dr Van Den Bosshe (both world renowned virologists, btw!) have to say.

          Sorry for the rant peeps…


          • Asty, I’ve been struggling with this post since it fell into the Dump. Mainly because I am reluctant to publish material that IMHO is pure bullshit and likely to mislead people and expose them to unnecessary risk.

            However, since we are all grown ups, I decided to publish your rant with this comment that I in no way endorse your comment and that it is my view that people ought to get vaccinated – as I have – with whatever Covid-19 vaccine they can get their hands on.

            I have had two Astra Zeneca jabs – 8 weeks apart and my GP – the guy in whose hands I place my life every time I have any significant medical matter – advised me that I am likely to be eligible for a third booster say Pfizer or Moderna about March next year. If that is still advised next year, I will have that one too.

            My daughter is a GP and part of a Facebook closed group of about 10,000 female doctors – Drs who are Mums – and she – and they advocate Covid vaccination using whatever vaccine you can get.

            As with every medical intervention, there is always some attendant risk, and when we are talking about literally millions of people getting vaccinations, there are likely to be some individuals who will have adverse reactions. But the stats do not support the argument that any one person taken at random from the population is at greater risk from the vaccination than from the disease. They simply do not.

            I studied animal physiology for four years as an undergrad at Sydney University and my final year dissertation was a study of immunity in sheep.

            I worked as a research assistant in the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine Respiratory Lab for two years, doing stats in asthma research – AND I was then, and have in my last 20 years been an asthma sufferer myself. I can hand on heart tell you that being unable to breathe is a terrifying experience and I am grateful for the respiratory physicians whose knowledge, skills and research kept and keep me and millions of other asthma sufferers alive.

            I am not prepared to argue the point with anti-vaxxers. I have gotten over an initial desire to flush anti-vaxxers heads down the toilet.

            As an educated man, Asty, surely you must question the ingenuous search for one or two so called experts whose fame is such that nobody except those people looking for any scintilla of “fact” to support their own prejudices – has ever heard of. I mean. really, Bonkovski and Bozo – not exactly Nobel Prize winners, are they ?

            I am now only slightly curious why anyone would act against what is clearly in their own interests. For me it’s like arguing that the world is flat or there’s no such thing as gravity. Not worth wasting any time.

            I have written elsewhere that I vividly remember my Mom being terrified of contracting polio as a child – and the relief she expressed when we lined up at school for our Salk jabs, and then later for the Sabin oral vaccination. The vaccinations that eradicated polio from all but a few remote regions in the poorest countries.

            I have also written piles of bullshit myself, but I have never pretended that it was anything other than a bit of a laugh or a pisstake. Vaccination or more accurately anti-vaccination is definitely not a laughing matter.

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          • Mike, the long term effects are still unknown… and it’s interesting the way you’ve succumbed to labelling anyone with a different opinion on these still experimental vaccines as ‘anti-vaxxers’. Generally speaking I’m not an anti-vaxxer… I’ve had loads of vaccines. But these ones ARE still experimental, and are being pushed on us willy-nilly.

            Btw, Dr Sucharit Bhakti and Dr Geert Van Den Bossche are two very prominent virologists. Did you actually bother to listen to what they had to say about this vaccine?

            There’s a joke doing the rounds on YT that goes like this:

            Two lab rats talking… First lab rat says, “Did you have the Covid vaccine?” Second lab rat says, “No, I’m still waiting for results of the human trials first!”

            Btw, the stats on negative reactions to these vaccines aren’t trustworthy… and neither are many of the stats on mortality rates of the virus itself. But already we are seeing some VERY negative results of the vaccines. Blood clots, myocarditis etc… and for myself, who has only recently recovered from a bout of pneumonia with ‘pulmonary embolisms’ and who already has an inflamatory disease (rheumatoid arthritis) it seems to be asking for trouble to take a vaccine with these particular side-effects (that we KNOW of! Long-term side effects are still to be determined!)

            The fact remains that these vaccines:

            a) have NOT undergone the usual lengthy ‘clinical trials’… in fact their use now on an unsuspecting public IS the ‘clinical trial’! Those who get vaccinated are now the lab-rats!

            b) the fact that patents were taken out for the spike protein ‘vaccine’ (which isn’t actually a vaccine at all, but rather a form of gene therapy!) BEFORE the disease broke out in Wuhan strongly suggests that where most vaccines were designed as treatments for a specific disease, this disease – which we also know was ‘man-made’ (or at least, that this coronavirus was weaponized in the Wuhan lab) – was designed as an excuse to push these vaccines on people.

            c) This latter fact is also strongly supported by the fact that SOME (western) governments are pushing NO OTHER treatments, even though treatments like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, Quercetin, Vitamins C, D3 and Zinc, etc have been shown to be most effective (indeed, a damn sight more effective than the vaccines!) both as prophylaxis and remedy.

            d) So, true info about these latter treatments is being deliberately suppressed… One can only ask ‘why’? And the best answer that springs to my mind is, “Because Bill Gates wants to be a trillionaire…” (He’s actually already bragged that his $10B investment in vaccines has already shown a 2,000% return on investment. And Fauci, apart from funding the ‘gain of function’ research – read ‘biological warfare’ research! – at the Wuhan labs, also owns a large chunk of the companies which are producing the vaccines!)

            e) The suppression of info about Iver, hydroxy et al, was the reason the vaccines were approved for ’emergency use only’ by the FDA… Had their effectivenes been more generally known at the start of this plandemic, the vaccines would NOT have been granted such ’emergency approval’ at all… Furthermore, the vax-profiteers (Fauci, Gates et al) are not even liable for any damage they may cause precisely because the approval is ’emergency use only’!

            You may ask yourself why it is that having had TWO shots already, you still need to go and get a third… and how many more might you still need after that? When even more mutations evolve?

            Drs Bhakti and Vanden Bossche say that mass vaccination during a pandemic will actually drive the mutation of the virus in such a way that it gets stronger and deadlier, instead of the usual path for viruses, which is to get weaker as they mutate…

            I’d say something about this whole affair stinks… and I simply don’t trust any of it! I’d rather take my chances with the disease (which still has less than a 0.5% mortality rate!) than with experimental vaccines.


          • algernon1 said:

            You’re entitled to your opinion Asty. Problem is I find this misinformation troubling and ignorant.

            When all this kicked off last year, two kilometres from where I live a nurse who returned from Iran who was unaware she had COVID went to work. By the time she realised she was displaying symptoms had infected 61 of her fellow co-workers. I went on to infect 100 people in our community as well as Doctors going to Dorothy Henderson Nursing home also about two kilometres away. Our nearest major shop is across the road. Eight people died of COVID at that Nursing Home. I might add I had to accompany one of my adult children to medical appointments on that Hospital campus.

            We were housebound for about six weeks, going out for food shopping and exercise. A trip to the doctor ended up being a highlight. Even a visit to my father or my sisters that have their health problems was limited and risky.

            Six weeks later the virus had passed but the lesson that to be cautious in everything one does with this virus.

            COVID is real Asty and it kills people!

            Now we are in the same position in Sydney eight weeks in there were 466 case today, with the realistic position that Sydney will be locked down till November and most likely Christmas.

            Next week I’ll have my second AZ shot. Mrs A and the younger have had their second AZ and Pfizer shots, my sisters and father will have their seconds this week. Junior has had his first AZ and the elder has hers on Wednesday.

            I have no interest in listening to quackery like the debunked examples you’ve presented here, regardless of who they are, one who has virology qualifications is actually a Vet, another opinion is considered dangerous my many people.

            You have health issues as you point out and if you choose to do nothing then that is up to you, its your health its your life. Sooner or later this virus will flush though your community regardless of the zero COVID that governments delude themselves is possible. Lets just hope due to you not wanting to be vaccinated due to quackery the virus doesn’t put you into hospital, ICU, ventilator or kill you.

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          • Mike and Algae,

            You guys have changed… you used to argue so much more cogently back when we were on the DRUM. I’m surprised that you now resort to a) threat of censorship (Mike) b) ad-hominem attacks, c) straw-man arguments and irrelevancies d) unsupported assertions.

            Mike, having had pneumonia myself, I’m perfectly aware of what it’s like to not be able to breathe, but why you included your rant about asthma eludes me. I’m discussing the relative efficacy of the vaccines and the other drugs I’ve mentioned (Iver, hydroxy, Quercetin, Vitamins C, D3 + Zinc etc), not the symptomatology of Covid (or asthma).

            Neither of you has addressed either anything I’ve said, nor anything that was said by either Dr Van Den Bossche, nor Dr Bhakti, but settled for ad hominem attacks on them (and implicitly on me too!)

            Algae, you dismissed BOTH of these doctors because ONE of them has a degree in veterinary science, which is ironic with Mike bragging about his lesser qualifications in animal physiology. However, here’s a link to Dr Van Den Bossche’s OTHER relevant qualifications and working experience in not only virology and epidemiology, but also in vaccine production (ironically for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!)


            That takes care of your ‘Dr Bonkowski’, Mike… As for Dr Sucharit Bhakti, his CV is even more impressive… here’s a link:


            You might want to take note of the prizes Dr Bhakti has won, Mike… not to mention the number of his peer-reviewed publications. So that takes care of your ‘Dr Bozo’…

            As I also said, I’ve had a lot of vaccines myself… including the same ones you have. Don’t know why either your vaccination record or my own, or the fact that you suffer from asthma is at all relevant, though, and I agree that the choice of vaccination or not is no joke… I’m not joking!

            But I really do have serious questions about why info about other effective treatments for Covid19 has been and is still being suppressed… censored. (The answer, imho, is simple: If it had not been suppressed, Gates and Fauci would never have got the ‘Emergency Use Only’ authorisation by the FDA which allowed them not only to make out like bandits from this virus, which was created in a Chinese lab funded by Fauci, but which EUO authorisation also grants them total immunity from prosecution for any damage done by their still untested vaccines.

            Algae, I NEVER said that Covid 19 was not a real disease… just that it was ‘man-made’ or at least ‘weaponised’… and that this was funded by the NIH, led by Fauci. I DO think, however, that it is also significant that the WHO (whose ‘cosy’ relationship with China and Big Pharma is also highly questionable!) was obliged to change the definition of the word ‘pandemic’ in order to declare Covid 19 a ‘pandemic’… so I do think its ‘pandemic’ status is at least ‘over-hyped’. And the lockdowns have probably already killed more people than the virus would have even had it been allowed free reign.

            Also, you say the use of the drugs I’ve mentioned has been ‘debunked’ but provide no links nor even references to any ‘debunkings’. If you’re talking about the critiques of the recent tests (including both OCTs and RCTs and even meta-analyses) which were done by the FDA, CDC, and the NIH I should point out that these all have a multi-billion dollar (if not even a trillions of dollar) vested interest, and they are now simply repeating strategies which the tobacco industry pioneered after nicotine was first discovered to be a major cause of cancer… which, via outright denial and fake ‘studies’ was successful at stalling the demise of the tobacco industry for over fifty years.

            Btw, the two doctors I’ve quoted were just the first two off the top of my head… there are MANY more doctors out there who agree, at the very least, that Iver, hydroxy etc should be accessible as alternative treatments to the vaccines… but of course, IF they were to be made available as ‘alternative treatments’, this would nullify the vaccines’ “Emergency Use Only” authorization, potentially losing trillions of $$$$ for the corporatocracy.

            I’m sorry if I’ve upset either of you, but I can’t help but think what I do, given all the REAL evidence… It surprises me that you’re both such firm supporters of a ‘medical orthodoxy’ which has such a huge and obvious vested interest. Nonetheless, I wish you both all the best… Have a nice day!



        • vivienne29 said:

          The info in that chart is now obsolete. Completely new set of dates now. NSW 70%by 5 Nov and 80% by 23 Nov. For over 16s.


          • algernon1 said:

            Not quite, those dates are for 70 and 80% second doses or fully vaccinated. The Casey Briggs chart shows timeline for first doses reaching the 70 and 80% thresholds.


  10. algernon1 said:

    A thought for the day, week, month…..

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  11. Like

    • vivienne29 said:

      Fucking brilliant. Where the fuck did you find it Mark?

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      • After decades of being against it I now go on Facebook much to the delight of my family. Found this beauty on there.


        • vivienne29 said:

          Great. I’m on Facebook – so handy for free to keep in touch with family especially when one daughter moved to Qld for a couple of years.

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        • vivienne29 said:

          I’ve shared it.


          • I could tell you stories about my own personal experiences on FB which would not only curl your teeth, but make you all think WTF all day long… please trust me on this!

            Whatever you do, DON’T share ANYTHING the LEAST LITTLE BIT personal on FB… and don’t believe everything (in fact don’t believe just about ANYTHING!) you receive on FB… and expect the unexpected! (Which is also NOT to be believed!)

            And ALL THE TIME you are on FB, please remember “Big Brother IS watching YOU!” And his name is Zuckerberg… and he’s already sold you all out to the FBI…

            I know, I know… now you can call me ‘paranoid’… but I KNOW what I know… I was on FB for about 18 months to 2 years before I finally deleted my FB account. (Which also was NOT easy… and I’m not entirely sure it was ever actually deleted! :/ )

            Nonetheless, I wish you piglets the very best of luck with it! (You’ll NEED it!) :/




          • vivienne29 said:

            I’ve been on FB since about 2008. My profile is a closed one, only able to be seen by friends who are all real friends. I get mainly political stuff from MPs or bodies I’ve liked. No problems and the things I share are links to important news and sometimes a piece of music.


    • algernon1 said:

      Excellent find HOO.


  12. vivienne29 said:

    Things not looking good for Sydney. Campsie latest. Needs a hard lockdown. So many wasted weeks.


  13. vivienne29 said:

    Daughter No. 2 made local news on ABC radio and Prime tv over the total fuck up with Covid testing and no results following the removalists visit to Jindera. She was fabulous. Very proud mum here.

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  14. Here’s a good track

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  15. 1971 has some questions to answer.

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    • algernon1 said:

      It is HOO. It backs up the Municipal dunny truck and unloads it contents all over Scotty the Stupid and is abomination of a government. There needs to be more of these dunny trucks backed up and unloaded continuously until they do what they are elected to do.

      I can’t remember a government as bad as this one. How do we get rid of them. Will it happen or will an American news proprietor have other ideas. Will the hate speech of Sky after Dark and its stable of maggots, have influence (how they do I don’t know). Or will like sheep will the punters with their pocket full of promises in the blue sky influence them.

      Junior spoke to a colleague in California the other day. They were shocked that lockdowns were happening for 2 and 3 figure infections. California with a population approaching 40m, had 2500 new infections with 29 deaths all of which were unvaccinated. They have 60% odd who have had their first vaccine and just over 50% who have had their second.

      Yet here Yorick Hunt crows about those who have had their first shot but ignores the second vaccines which struggle to be 10% across the country.

      These current outbreaks are down to Scotty the Stupid, his failure to lead or take responsibility for anything. While he gaslights everybody or blames others for ignoring their advice and not taking decisions.

      He only had a few jobs, Quarantine, fail, Vaccine procurement and rollout, fail and fail, ensure that financial support was in place, failed across the board. The only reason any sort of financial support is now happening is that Binchook would have gone it alone.

      I can only hope this fetid government is obliterated come the next election, but its only a hope.

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  16. vivienne29 said:

    Looking more and more like the removalists had another mission: Murrumbidgee Local Health District has confirmed the removalists that tested positive to COVID-19 also stopped at a wreckers in North Albury.
    Truck Wreckers JETIS has been identified as an exposure site between 12pm and 12:40pm on the 10th of July.
    One close contact from the venue has been tested and is isolating.

    They filled up at Jindera and then went to the wreckers (who were not open) and then back to Sydney.

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