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Dear Pig’s Arms Patron and friends who couldn’t give a toss about the greatest little cyber pub on the Internet.

This morning I read a great one page piece by Anne Summers in the Saturday Paper. She really shoved it to our policy-free government and she nailed the issue with typical panache and clarity of thought.
It prompted me to think about the even bigger and also smaller problems outside government – in my case as I rocket towards the retirement decision, I have recently been really disappointed by the people and attitudes in my last four clients.  I also see good people there suffering under extremely toxic cultures driven by so called leaders who are either slaves to the finance people or plain unadulterated psychopathic counts*.
As seniors with knowledge, skills and decades of experience, I know for a fact that FM, Algy, Nev, Big M, Rache and I have all been treated really badly at work – and ’Shoe and Lindy by bastard landlords – and it becomes a chess game of working out how to cope with the anxiety, frustration and how to maximise the payout – as if that’s going to put the grief to bed – which we know it isn’t.  Nobody wants to sort out the toxic cultures – that’s definitely like trying to hold back the tide.
This week our prize arsehole of a neighbour destroyed most of the trees along our side of the fence (that have been there for more than 25 years – and ten years before the bastard moved in).  Being a gutless turd – he waited until FM and I were away.  And now we are putting together a strategy to educate him on civilised behaviour and little things called respect and compensation.
But there’s a multitude of civic crimes we all face that seem beyond the comprehension of the perpetrators.  I doesn’t seem like a massive intellectual exercise to not handle women in the workplace.  It ought to be hard wired in.  “Oh gosh, I didn’t know, I was pissed, “ excuse after excuse, bully bully bully.
It’s OK to fiddle with kiddies in the cloisters, it’s OK to let species die out by destroying their habitat.  It’s OK to stymie renewables energy and let the fossil fuel bastards run the price of power through the roof, It’s OK to kill whales and to see the ice caps melt and the low islands be submerged.  NO, IT’S FUCKING NOT !
I writing this in Cairns, waiting for the remnants of cyclone Owen to dump 400mm of rain on us.  Last year FM and I visited the reef after more than 20 years since the last visit.  So much of what we saw is completely rooted.  I’ve fuckin had more than enough of this no climate change policy.  I’ve had enough of the top end of town doing criminal acts and not even being charged let alone being convicted and doing time.  Enough.  I’ve had enough.
I wrote to our MP Anthony Albanese about the refugee children on Manus and Nauru.  As a dyed-in-the-wool Labor Man I had hoped from him more than some platitudinous waffle about increasing refugee intake.   Surely there’s more than one solution that actually can welcome refugees without restarting the disastrous “stopping the boats (shitbox) policy”.
Surely it’s essential to stand against incarceration of people and CHILDREN! who have committed no crime – or worse to let our so called government and opposition engineer swifty retrospective laws so they HAVE committed a crime.  No, that’s dirty fuckin pool.
So, why am I disturbing you with this ?
I want you to think about the decline (if not extinction) of decency – or the natural tendency to do the right thing instead of going blue in the face justifying wrong doing and wrong thinking.  I remember a fairer Australia where mongrels were called out – instead of being celebrated – or elected as they are now.
What do you think are the causes – be specific if you like – what should we do about it – but please let me have say 500 words – more if you like, photos, songs, cartoons, paintings and drawings … so that this year’s Pig’s Arms Bumper Christmas Issue gets noticed all across the web.
Emmjay aka Therese Trouserzoff
* remove the vowel of your own choosing

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