The Dump

The Dump is:
For posting comments that don’t get up at the Drum, and for having a pleasant, mirthful or enlightening off-topic discussion.
It’s not for personal abuse of other commenters.
Please do that somewhere else if you must.
Play nicely or piss off.
However, why doesn’t a poster add a link for us to read and comment on here, much quicker. Maybe we can do a bit more bagging here, not that I speak for the moderators, yet.


NB: Being tiresome and boring, racist, sexist or just plain creepy is not playing nicely.

give a crap


The Pig’s Arms exists because eight or nine years ago our other favourite playpen – the ABC’s Unleashed blogsphere started to go off.  Like a sack of prawn heads  in the sun.  Something had to be done.

Moderation was taking forever.  Comments seemed to be rejected randomly – outrageous ones appeared and reasoned ones were pinged.   When they released the Drum / Unleashed ….. things actually got worse !

So many pieces from professional writers appear with no obvious merit.  And the moderation has become, to put it frankly, appalling.

As a former contributor and a commenter, I was deeply disappointed at the plummeting quality from our pre-eminent media empire.  And I resented so many challenging or dare I say, witty or funny posts in which we’ve invested seconds of our precious time – getting the chop.

So here, for all our benefit – is an open slather blog.  Copy and paste your best rejected comments here for posterity.  Does not matter whether you’re posting on the Guardian, First Dog on the Moon or wherever else.

And sprinkle pointers to the Pig’s Arms amongst your comments.  Let’s try to rescue some of the old faithful.



13324 thoughts on “The Dump”

  1. vivienne29 said:

    I left home for two hours today. Replenished liquid refreshments and got Chinese takeaway. Woopee.


  2. algernon1 said:

    Thought for the day.

    The Titanic hit a large ice cube, then stayed quietly afloat for hours. Not, at first glance, the essence of legendary drama.


  3. So I’ve gone from a town with 1.3 million, to a town with 18k to a town with 800 and now to a town with 245. I’m downsizing towns.


  4. Sorry to hear of yours and hubby’s plights.

    Helvi was put into contact with community nursing. They were of enormous help and came daily to our house to check on Helvi’s drainage system, took heart beat, blood pressure.


  5. vivienne29 said:

    Tube feeding via electric pump is still giving me grief. I know what to do but it changes its mind every bloody time. Re program it three times before it behaves itself. Nurse Barbara wants a holiday ! Suppliers of the food are also hopeless but got it sorted with half a day’s supply left.


    • Sounds terrible Viv. I used to use them a lot and rarely had problems.


      • vivienne29 said:

        I made concerted effort to overcome the bloody cantankerous program after I wrote that comment and I now have it under 100% control. I’ve upped the rate too and now get feed done in 1.5 hours instead of 2. Patient tolerating it just fine. Possibly another month of this.


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