The Dump

The Dump is:
For posting comments that don’t get up at the Drum, and for having a pleasant, mirthful or enlightening off-topic discussion.
It’s not for personal abuse of other commenters.
Please do that somewhere else if you must.
Play nicely or piss off.
However, why doesn’t a poster add a link for us to read and comment on here, much quicker. Maybe we can do a bit more bagging here, not that I speak for the moderators, yet.


NB: Being tiresome and boring, racist, sexist or just plain creepy is not playing nicely.

give a crap


The Pig’s Arms exists because seven years ago our other favourite playpen – the ABC’s Unleashed blogsphere started to go off.  Like a sack of prawn heads  in the sun.  Something had to be done.

Moderation was taking forever.  Comments seemed to be rejected randomly – outrageous ones appeared and reasoned ones were pinged.   When  they released the Drum / Unleashed ….. things actually got worse !

So many pieces from professional writers appear with no obvious merit.  And the moderation has become, to put it frankly, appalling.

As a former contributor and a commenter, I am deeply disappointed at the plummeting quality from our pre-eminent media empire.  And I resent so many challenging or dare I say, witty or funny posts in which we’ve invested seconds of our precious time – getting the chop.

So here, for all our benefit – is an open slather blog.  Copy and paste your best rejected comments here for posterity.  And sprinkle pointers amongst your comments.  Let’s try to rescue some of the old faithful.



12547 thoughts on “The Dump”

  1. I really get it that a lot of their stress is on music, arts and outdoor activities. I also have enjoyed in my time assessment that is not test based. It needs a great standard of teacher and I see they are talking about their teacher training.


  2. It’s been thirty years since I regularly did cryptic crosswords (I got pretty good at it). Just tried one again yesterday and got all but two clues right (one was staring me in the face) in 20 minutes. It wasn’t a DA crossword (his are very hard and tricky tricky) but I was so happy. All triggered by fact that David Astle was here in Albury last Friday.


  3. My first comment on ABC – Kath and Kim and Gay Marriage – got featured. Happy debunker also welcomed me!

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  4. Can anybody explain to me what Bitcoin is in language that is so simple, I’ll get it. I wonder if it’s like have x numbers of shares in a pool of money.

    Where’s the money?


    • I’ve read about it 3 times now shoe and I have no idea. I believe the blockchain behind bitcoin is really good technology capable of recording every financial transaction in the world that can never be altered.


      • You don’t know where the money is either. Puzzling. So far in my reading articles never seem to go so far as to talk about where the money is.

        I know people can buy slips of paper out of a vending machine by feeding in cash. I have got this much.

        I suppose then if I, say, want to buy a book or a car or a couple of mansions I lodge its receipt number with the business, Bitcoin, and the party I am buying off collects the money. Hmm. Ok so from what you say I am imagining that the advantage for those worried about banks, the techology behind this is considered as good as it gets to ensure security as good as it gets that the money will be there, so people value these ‘bitcoins’, which is the slip of paper, no, the receipt number.

        Think this is what it is. It performs a function like Paypal but people maybe think it is more secure.

        I’m unsure about the trade in ‘bitcoin’.

        Do you know if the trade is in these slips of paper or maybe a trade in a Bitcoin is the futures market, nothing more than currency futures with a twist that wherever the money is, it’s thought that buying ‘a bitcoin’ will realise the money some day or profit for trading ownership of ‘a bitcoin’ further?


  5. Playing with browsers.


  6. No one messes with my Helvi. You take on Helvi you take on me. The Jones boy can bar me yet again however I will not let anyone mess with Helvi.

    Helvi encouraged me to write Father O’Way in Space plus she never sets ceilings for anyone.

    Mess with Helvi, you mess with me. Sorry to be so forthright but that is how I really feel.

    I miss you Helvi and I’m jealous of Gerard, even though I like him a lot.(Don’t tell Tutu, shoe, Barb or Yvonne)

    Go fuck yourself Sea Monster, if you wanna troll this site then see the Jones boy otherwise go and get fucked.



    • Mark, as you know, we have met G and H a few times.

      Helvi always speaks very highly of you. She told me she thinks you are the funniest bugger at the bar, but she has no time for idiots!

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      • Thanks Big. That’s great to know. I will probably never personally meet them however like your good self and the regulars here at the Arms they are my friends. Even the bloke who cannot be named would agree and at least he was a gentleman.

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        • It is a funny situation, here at the Pig’s Arms. Emmjay, you, ‘shoe, and me have all managed to carry on with the saga of our poor dear friend, Foodge, never really speaking about the plot, and most of us have never met. Yes, I regard you all as good mates, and it really saddened me to learn of Lehan’s passing, as she was also a good mate.

          We just went to watch a play called ‘Out of the Blue’, which is about depression, suicide and domestic violence. It was sponsored by the RUOK organisation, who allowed other suicide prevention or counselling services to present what they provide. I met a bloke who is the CEO of a mob called MIMs, or Mates in Mines, who mimic MICs, Mates in Construction, where blokes are trained to talk about feelings of depression and suicide, which are incredibly high in FIFO workers. Anyhoo, they have a green dot on their helmets and uniforms, just like the First Aid bloke has a Red Cross. Pretty clever, ay!

          Sorry to sound a bit maudlin, but I think we have something pretty special here, in spite of the dirty glasses and dead flies.


        • We here showing from time to time our human fragility and vulnerability, if we’re especially moved, tired, whatever. Reading words off a screen trying to work out a response to be nice, funny or empathise is not everybody’s bag, but it’s what we’ve given a shot. Our feeling for absent friends is real.

          Some of my real time friends know the names of Foodge, Merv and others, beats me they listen to my carrying the story to them and laugh where I originally laughed at a story line, nod even when I begin with “Foodge”.

          It’s inevitable we will get stroppy when someone begins dissing one or other of us repeatedly without let up. That’s bullying. We will develop the irrits with anyone who pushes pedagogy or ideology at us most especially given we are not pushing a barrow. There was a while when one of us was seriously not well. I reflected later that if I want to be anywhere when the same happens to me I want to be at the pub where someone will pick it up, gather me in, or ban me if I start repetitively mouthing off weird shit abusing freedom of speech and others.

          Myself, I do not like it if anyone I am suspicious of posts but I cannot click on their avatar to read even a one line ID. A linked avatar means the pub is not the only agency with the link to the person and by it I imagine the higher is the chance of their identity being established if anyone is caught using the site for criminal activity, fraud.

          The pub is just the sort of flea and chook lice ridden dump that low life might be found lurking around intent only to entrap good people in shit.

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          • Yes, the bloody fleas. I think Granny had a herbal remedy for fleas and lice, but I’m not sure what it entailed. Probably lots of boiling water.

            Yes, WordPress allows all of us to post with very little info linked to the Gravatar, one could be an axe murderer, or worse, work for the CIA. Other forums are pretty light on for background info, even FB one can post with nothing more than an email address and a photo of a cat.

            To be honest, my posts have become less political, and more related to the creative content. I think I learned my lesson trying to argue with drongos on other forums.

            Anyhoo, ‘shoe, your contributions have been heartfelt, to the point where I cannot comment or reply, such is my level of angst for the young Christina. Such a story, worthy of a young Thomas Hardy, but equally well told by our ‘shoe. Yes human fragility and vulnerability.

            As for shit posters, well, they are only rewarded by or honest responses. Cut them orff and starve ’em.


          • Thank you, Big M.

            Our honest responses seem to be of no avail. I doubt that ignoring the offender who has sparked this will have the desired response, but we can give it a shot except I really detest not giving someone a chance to participate, especially to climb down out of a bucket of old slops. Sad shit really.

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    • Sea Monster said:

      What did I do?


    • Now, you’re stirring the pot. Explain why you come here. You’ve never said a word to me. No obligation, but hey no no obligation either.


    • How can anyone take you seriously Walter. Your comments are nearly always the same here, depending who you’re trolling. They are just cut and pastes, even your comment today at 8:44am are simply cut and paste. No attempt to engage, just the same old nonsense.

      Your relentless pursuit of Gerard and Helvi saw, her give up and not comment here or elsewhere. So what if Gerard wants to comment on all things Dutch. It seemed like a blood sport for you. It the way of the troll, just keep trolling.

      In the past two years you’ve engaged once. I dont get it when someone from the Gold Coast was barred and Voice chose to leave. You stay, why? I can find the banned one amusing at times incredibly stupid at others and one whose health I was concerned about at the time, I comment with him elsewhere. Voice well she’s Voice. You on the other hand appear to have a very sick mind, I don’t know why I pity you but I do.

      You’re not one I can take seriously, other comments here by others suggest that they don’t either.


  7. vivienne29 said:

    Comments back at the ABC – must be logged in. Let’s see how it goes.


  8. Oh the joy, Local Government Elections. Todays SMH leads with a story about our state member being referred to ICAC, for threatening and intimidating the Deputy Mayor and linking preselection to their vote on a 1400 unit development.

    In our LGA all but 1 or 2 of the Liberals are now standing as independents. Here was me thinking that the Liberals had seen the light and purged at least two of the previous Mayor, one a violent thug, the other someone who beats his wife and children, uses standover tactics as well as undertaking work without a licence to do so. Clearly I was wrong about the Liberals seeing the light.

    Reading on one sees he may have tried to influence other developments. Back in the Liberals first term with such a thumping majority anything could have been covered up he appeared to have some involvement in developments elsewhere, noise of ICAC then but hushed very quickly.

    I’ll turn up to vote today hoping that things in our LGA will change, but knowing full well that they won’t. It will be another 4 years of dysfunction and incompetence.

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    • Sea Monster said:

      It just knocks my socks off that Liberals seem to think anti-corruption and anti-influence peddling are selling points in their contest with Labor. It’s just mind boggling the level of delusion Liberal cheerleaders in online forums have in this regard.

      As for me I went with a clear conscience and light heart to vote Labor in my LG election today. The Labor team here is fantastic. I ‘m absolutely confident that the Mayoral candidate didn’t direct the work of staff (illegally) in his previous tenure. And he was not close to Obeid and continued meeting him (off diary) long after it became obvious he was absolutely corrupt. Neither did it seem he had a sweetheart deal day job at a Labor controlled council. And I’m sure he did not work for a major local developer during his recent political hiatus.

      I’m also absolutely confident from time as member of a local branch that he’s not a bullying, narcissistic, prick with zero Labor values.

      I’m also absolutely confident that the Labor preselection process was completely above board and that all candidates and selectors are local residents.


      • vivienne29 said:

        I thought Gladys abolished all those bad councils or someone had already sent in an Administrator.


        • Sea Monster said:

          It’s a matter of record that Gladys did not abolish all the Councils. She failed in her attempt. In any case what’s to stop a former mayor running in an amalgamated council?

          I know what I know. I’ve seen it close up. Everything I said is true. I could tell you more but I’m keen not to identify myself.

          I’ll say it again cause it’s true. The Liberal cheerleaders who think the Liberal party is clean are delusional.


        • Sea Monster said:

          Hoes this one , Vivienne? The Liberal politician who was feeding commercial in confidence information to his property developer mate. Do you have trouble believing that one?


      • Ah I knew this would bring out trolls like you Walter, Like a moth to a lamp. Why do you come here, think you’re the dog walker or voice, I don think so, more like their piss boy.

        I was thinking the Liberals had hosed out all the filth which had them standing as independents, with a new broom, but it looks like I was wrong. Have a look at the criminal activity by Liberal Councillors at Ryde Walter, not that hard.

        In the meantime, I won’t take your seriously until such time as you put up a piece here for others to comment on. Perhaps you could just fuck off back under the bridge and play with all the other deranged trolls.

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      • Something is so phony about the post you’ve logged here SM it scares me. Not a word rings true or you’re trying sarcasm. It’s too hard to interpret your motive, but it’s shallow I swear it. It looks more to me as if it rests on a base sourced in organised criminal activity … the term that comes to mind when I think of the tactics of electoral and political party fraud committed in the name of good. Bedazzled sympaticos of the purveyors of such attempts to meddle go in as trolls or can alternatively be revealed to be simply employees paid to pretend they are free thinking independent citizens with minds of their own. I’m an old hand from years back at flushing out the dead heads who imagine their dealing with a threat to their civil order as they know it and cherish it, nothing better than dictatorship at its worst and deadheads simply paid to cuckold themselves, their personal integrity and your post this time absolutely reeks of it, reeks, reeks, reeks. It looks to me as if you have many accounts on your book. I don’t believe we know you from the past of the Pigs Arms and I’ve wondered a long time. One thing I was sure of a long time ago without saying so is your no friend of the Pigs Arms. The comments you make are too stylised.


        • Shoe, Walter has no interest in engaging with the debate here. I think anyone should be able to come here and participate, there are many more who visit but don’t comment, from what I can gather. Walter too, if he chooses to participate rather than troll.

          Walters behavior here is far more sinister. His only interest is trolling either myself or Gerard. Our dear friend Helvi rarely visits anymore and I suspect it had to do with the repeated attacks by Walter on her and Gerard. Its an issue Walter should seek professional help about.

          For me, I see Walter as a sad character with little more to do than to parrot the sought of nonsense he dribbles against what I said above. For the record, the violent thug didn’t get elected but the wife basher did, Walter will question my comment here, my sources is rock solid, family members, not to mention the personal interactions I’ve had with them. Labor also managed a 16% swing to it in Ryde, which would have the local state member in serious trouble. He already is he’s been referred to ICAC.

          For mine I would have preferred Ryde Council merged, Its an incompetent council and the councillors be they Liberal or Labor are pathetic.

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          • Sea Monster said:

            Algernon, there’s no debating deluded Liberal cheerleaders. You know this. They’ll just call you rude names and stick their heads in the sand.


        • It seems to me years SM has been coming here. I think once before I’ve commented. This is what I myself have concluded and whosoever SM is, SM is no friend. SM is entirely self serving. Interesting you are in middle of L G election. Good luck. They’re always fraught with prospectives’ tricks and magic mirrors lol.


        • I found the results in the Daily Telegraph, algy.


        • Sea Monster said:

          Something rings very true in your post, Shoe. Fraud committed in the name of good. That’s what the both major party machines convince themselves they’re doing.


        • You’ve deigned to speak to me. I’ll give you that much.


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  10. Vale Walter Becker, I gutted to be honest.


  11. I’ve changed to Google Chrome as been having lot of both with internet connection via Mozilla. The rainbow is not showing up now.


  12. A tiny nation that feeds the world.

    One more reason to marvel: The Netherlands is a small, densely populated country, with more than 1,300 inhabitants per square mile. It’s bereft of almost every resource long thought to be necessary for large-scale agriculture. Yet it’s the globe’s number two exporter of food as measured by value, second only to the United States, which has 270 times its landmass. How on Earth have the Dutch done it?

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  13. vivienne29 said:

    I see a rainbow over the pub. Just lovely. I think it can stay for good.

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  14. I’m sorry to complain. Now this page isn’t registering notifications at the top right hand corner … mumble mumble


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