The rains finally came as promised. The first night 33 ml and last night another 46ml. The dams are slowly filling and the river is showing a modest flow. Did not stop about 50 Black Angus cows from crossing over the river and eating our left- over’s of green stuff. This has been an ongoing problem, especially with the previous owners. T.Hughes QC, with daughter Lucy apparently owning a couple of hundred of them. Milo soon chased them over and away.” Good boy, Milo”. Here have some charcoal grilled chicken left over from Oatley where we were for Christmas Eve.

One of the grandsons was given a Wii and daughter’s partner, who had turned up with a ‘working’ Kelpie, managed to connect it and put all sorts of complicated things together. Soon our grandson Thomas was frantically swaying and hopping backwards in front of the screen with some magic wand, he was doing Basketball and Frisbee interconnecting with the screen. Explosions, loud whistling and thunderous crowd cheering seemed the essence of it all.

The kelpie was smart and stayed well away from the Wii mayhem.  All by himself in the kitchen.  In fact, at one stage he thought the kitchen table, laden with food, was as good as the back of the Ute. He feasted as never before. He had been such a good boy and surely the ham and prawns were for his hard work too.

Don’t tell anybody. I just scooped the left over sliced ham, the strayed prawns, the chicken wings and charcoal grilled chicken, even the tabouleh back on the plates.  All went for second (hand), third helpings.

Me and Kelpie stayed mum.