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It seems that on a visit to Earth sometime around the millennium Shane Warne had sex with an unknown woman in a public lavatory. Now before you think even less of Warne, it was she who forced herself upon the spin star on this ocassion, not the other way round.

Digital War and Peace Explanation and Pic by Warrigal Mirriyuula – continues……

Warney was shagged to within a micron of his soul case. He was left battered and bruised and none the wiser; but it was always that way post coitaly for Warne.

To cut to the chase, the woman was a grotesque witch with a skin condition and the love child of that improbable union was a small pug dog whom the Sith elevated to Darth Turd.

Knowing that no-one would look at a dwarf dog and take it seriously, Darth Turd asked his Mum to turn him into a human. Unfortunately the DNA that codes for height was faulty and the pug swapped being a dwarf dog for being a dwarf human. Apparently a lot of other DNA didn’t work either.


Here is an announcement from the ICCB president Sunil Gavitron straight off the wire.

“Greetings to all. I am pleased to announce that at 1400 hrs yesterday the rebel ship the S.S. Julian was destroyed by the ICCB Death Ball II.  The ship was annihilated, I said annihilated, annihilated, killing all that sail on her, er, um, him. This brings an end to those treacherous rebels commandeered by Lord Climate D’Change otherwise known as Father Sandy O’Way.

All rogue planets, please take note that your fees are due by the end of the month, no excuses now, otherwise the Death Ball will give you a call.

Now it’s come to my attention that there has been some excessive sledging going on. In no way does the ICCB condone sledging, unless you win. Any worlds that commence warfare from sledging will have there fees doubled. You are not allowed to have any physical contact with your opponent during the game especially if you lose.

To parents please ensure your child has sun block, extra water, thermo-nuclear blocking agents and laser cannons available if the need arises, oh, and yes, can you make sure that the home side supplies the oranges. These items are necessary in the modern cricket world.

Now no grumbling please when you lose the toss and are sent in on a sticky wicket. Remember they have to bat on it too and for every run you have on the board is a run that they have to get. Those worlds that have an atmosphere full of cyanide then please ensure that all players are given the right breathing apparatus and those worlds under water I suggest you put more weight in the ball.

I would also like to introduce our new chief of staff Lord John ‘The Rodent’ Howard who has been appointed following an extensive process to take over from the unfortunate death of Lord Deaf Vision. I expect you all to welcome Lord Rodent to his new role of overseeing the ICCB’s galactic program. I’m sure Lord Rodent will bring everyone together as a team, just like he did in his previous role.

Cricket will survive, cricket will rule, cricket will dominate the universe, let me stress, dominate, dominate, dominate……”

[Authors note: And so ends the tale of the space hero Father Sandy O’Way or does it? Don’t touch the dial, stay tuned….]