Despite having enjoyed a short stint as ‘returning officer’ at a local ALP branch some decades ago, I remain as mystified as ever about the machinations of Australian Government.

I can give you an example: The question of supplying the proposed election promises costings by both the ALP and NLP to the independents was answered yesterday. The answer that Abbott gave was way out of my league. I could not understand the language but understood enough that he could not or won’t give details of proposed election promises. There is some hiatus between treasury and opposition that I remain perplexed about.
It seems one never gets a straight answer, a simple answer that makes sense and contains some logic.
From where I stand now, it seems that the 2 party system needs a good dose of paraffin.
I do enjoy the three independents’ antics during interviews. What a relief from the election. If another election is held, I hope it will involve even more independents. They really rock.