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Digital Interruption by Warrigal Mirriyuula

The phone rings “Sandy it’s the Bish, I’ve been going through my records” Hmm, this is dangerous. The Bish records everything and is always ready to use it to his advantage. “I want you to talk to Peetar Garret” Hmm, wonder what this poor bloke has done to the Bish. “You know the singer from Midday Toil. I want you to have a short jocular conversation with him, short and jocular.”  Not ringing any bells here, yawn.

“Okay Bish” I reply, anything to get him to zarking shut up. “So this bloke Peetar, what do you want to ask him him?” I ask, sighing deeply at my extreme disinterest as I really couldn’t care.

“Find out about what’s going on in Correa, you know MASH and all that.” roars the Bish. No I don’t really. MASH, Suicide is Painless, poetry ever if there was some. Series ran longer than the war.

Anyhoo enough of that lets go. I grab a cab to the airport and jump a plane to Canberra. I bribe my way into the press room with some green stinky stuff the Bish gave me. Sheet, how can people smoke that stuff amazes me but all the guards love it.

I see Peetar having a coffee at the buffet, alone, this is my chance,

FOW: So Peetar, Australia has lots of military allies around the world. In your view who do we have the strongest link with?

PG: U.S Forces give the nod

FOW: So is this a good thing for Australia?
PG: It’s a setback for your country

FOW: So on to the problems with Correa what do you see happening there?
PG: Bombs and trenches all in a row, Bombs and threats still ask for more

FOW: Will the Correan conflict effect the globe Peetar?
PG: Divided world, the CIA, say who control the issue

FOW: Do you think negotiations with the parties will help?

PG: You leave us with no time to talk

FOW: Peetar, do you have an official account of what’s happening on the ground?
PG: You can write your own assessment

FOW: Can you expand on that please Peetar?

PG: Sing me songs of no denying, seems to me too many tired, waiting for the next big thing

FOW: So for the man in the street, what should they look for?
PG: Will you know it when you see it

FOW: And the effect on our youth?
PG: High risk children, dogs of war

FOW: Do you think that the Correan conflict will affect investment brokers such as those in Wall St?
PG: Now market movements call the shots, business deals in parking lots, waiting for the meat of tomorrow.

FOW: Does this mean a refrain for the Australian economy Peetar?

PG: Sing me songs of no denying, seems to me too many tired, waiting for the next big thing.

FOW: So look, times running out but briefly would you like to sum up the current situation?

PG: Everyone too stoned to start a mission, people too scared to go to prison
We’re unable to make decisions, Politicians party line, don’t cross that floor,
L. Ron Hubbard can’t save your life, Superboy takes a plutonium wife
In the shadow of Ban The Bomb we live…..

FOW: Yes, well that’s all we have time for . Is there any message you would like to make certain the audience is in chorus with your thoughts?

PG: Sing me songs of no denying , seems to me too many tired, waiting for the next big thing