This pub looks familiar – I think I’ll have a Trotters Ale


Hung From The Heart by Hung One On


Hey, a heart is a powerful thing

It keeps us alive beating non stop

From birth to death

If  I speak from the heart

I may offend or discriminate

But that ain’t what I will want to do

To speak the truth takes courage

However the truth is different to different eyes

Me, I don’t care where you came from

The colour of your skin

To me it’s you, that’s what makes me like you

You may be smart, you may be dumb

If you are genuine then that’s okay

Racism and bigots I don’t like

But if you have a view

Put it up for discussion, lets hear it

Nothing wrong with that but don’t expect me to agree

Again, nothing wrong with that

Me, I get my most pleasure from others

My wife and kids, my patients

I love seeing them be happy

Last night a lady resident with dysphagia

Was crying and upset

I held her hand and asked her all the usual dumb questions

“Are you in pain?”

“Do you want fries with that?”

She tried to tell me what was wrong.

She squeezed my hand hard. She was down.

In the end she said “Don’t worry. I’ll be alright”

As clear as day, dysphagia?

I see a lot of depression

It takes one to know one

Doing something for them is so hard for some

But easy for me

I go to work, sometimes tired, not enough sleep,

“Hey Hung, can I have some Panadol?”

Sure, how easy is that

Most of friends are gone now

Thanks to the Black Dog

The crew at The Arms are my friends now

I talk from the heart

I wear it on my sleeve

I pay a price, I pay my dues