Okay, you patient piglets! Here it is:
These links take you to 4-shared, where you may either download the mp3 files onto your hard drive or a cd/dvd to have your very own FREE ‘Burnside Refugees’ record album!( At least… it’ll be a recording of  THIS refugee from Burnside, currently living in Paradise…) You’ll all just have to imagine them with a bass, drums, strings, keyboards, vocal harmonies, etc…
Or if you play an instrument and you’d like to do more than just imagining them, perhaps you might like to consider becoming a ‘Reffo’ yourself. If you play an instrument and live within easy traveling distance from Paradise, please leave a comment on this thread… It will be answered within 24 hrs… 48 hrs, tops!
Anyway, without further ado, for the Front Bar’s exclusive entertainment, Ladies and gents, a big hand please, for the BURNSIDE REFUGEE!