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The Stuff of ‘love’.   (W = wife,  H=husband)

Wife: “Could you please bring your plate back to the sink’?  Husband: ‘I didn’t know I left the plate on the table’. Wife: ‘You did’. Husband: ‘Ok, next time I am around near the table I will take it to the sink’.

W: ‘Why didn’t you do it when you got up from the table?’ H: ‘I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking of the plate. ’W: You don’t have to ‘think’ of a plate, you just do it automatically.’’ It makes the place look so untidy.’ H: ‘Well, I think the stack with all those Cosmopolitan magazines on the floor look untidy also. ’W: ‘No, it doesn’t, one expects a room to have magazines’.

H: ‘Are we competing between a plate and magazines now?’ W: ‘Surely, you know that a plate with remnants of food is untidy?’H: ‘And, a stack of remnants of magazines is not?’ W: ‘No, it isn’t’. Go, and put the plate in the kitchen, now.’ Sigh! Husband gets up and puts the plate in the kitchen.

10, 30 PM in bed

W: ‘Gee, its cold tonight, is the window open?’ H: I don’t think so, but the bathroom door is open. Do you want me to check?’W: ‘Yes, check it, my feet are cold too’. H: ‘Oh, that’s no good; your feet too take a lot of time to get warmed up.’ ‘Did you wear your slippers?’ W: ‘No, I forgot.’ H: ‘Well, why don’t you put socks on during the night then?’ W: ‘Yes, I will’. H: ‘Where are they?  I’ll get them for you.’ W: They are on the chair, next to the lounge.’ H: Ok, I’ll get them.’ W: Thanks.’

H: No, they are not on the chair. Now my feet are cold as well.’ W: ‘Perhaps you should put on socks as well.’ H:’ you think so, I have never slept with socks, they might make me feel sweaty.’W:’ I don’t know about your sweaty feet, but have you found my socks yet? H: ‘Yes, yes I am coming back to bed; here are your socks’. W:  ‘Oh, not the grey ones, they are polyester, I want the woolen ones.’ H: ‘Do you think we will get this night sorted out?’

W: It depends very much on you finding the right socks for me!’ H: ‘I think it depends on finding your own bloody socks.’ H: Good night! W: Get f**k#d.

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