art-abbott2-620x349The ‘Suppository of all Wisdom’.
August 13, 2013

A cheeky little number and ‘suppository of Wisdom’..
A few weeks ago someone questioned the silly terms given by wine tasters to alcoholic beverages. Far from it to complain about our national past-time of tippling but to call a wine having ‘ambition’ or being ‘arrogant’ is getting a bit wild. I have often watched those buffs at wine-tasting. Those with small noses need not apply. Most wine tasters have enormous noses not unlike the proboscis monkey with those flexible noses. Do they also drink through their noses?

Apart from giving a simple wine the most ridiculous attributes on par with an enraptured tourist guide describing Sydney’s opera House to Japanese tourists or Lang Lang’s suave description of Beethoven’s Ninth symphony to musical conservatorium students we have this latest discussion from our possible future Prime minister, Mr Tony Abbott.

He is a Rhodes Scholar, apparently meant to say repository – a storage place- rather than a medication inserted in the rectum. Get a bit closer to your screen now and listen carefully.

His political opponents have now available one of the richest veins of jokes, cartoons, and endless requests for Mr Abbott to bend over and get free ‘suppositories of wisdom’.
This is George Bush’s territory in Australia all over again.