Compliments and credits to Glow Worm from B.Ellis blog.

Perhaps it’s the system itself that is cheating us, not the Lib/Lab divide? When I can’t sleep, I go to the AEC website and start doing sums until the eyelids begin to droop. Why is Australia wedded to the preferential system of voting? Whom does it advantage? Why is the ‘Westminster’ model the only choice? But they have something called ‘First Past the Post’ which would mean that the Libs on their own would never get in. Why don’t we debate alternatives?

Of 14.7 million voters, more people voted Labor than Liberal. About the same number voted Nationals as Green. How many representatives do the Nats have? How many the Greens?

There is something here that does not sit right. For example, if we had proportional representation, we would have a different parliament and a different discourse.

A better grass-roots battle to wage?