DSCN2762The Sofa
September 11, 2013

The Sofa
For many years we have sat on a sofa and matching armchair. We bought it second hand from a road-side farm selling old wares and semi-antiques. We had it upholstered into a nice warm dusty pink- mauve velvet material.

Its level of comfort is such that I sit in it more than is desirable. I often think I should get up and do something but the lure of its softness and comfort is hard to resist. Anyway, you can never sit enough, I reckon. The world hurries by in so many cars on highways, what’s that all about?

Large trucks have Logistics and Solutions written on them in large lettering. Surely that is tautology? The frantic nightmares of most people on the move I can only help by reflection, introspection and writing. What better way than to sit on a comfortable sofa. I have done my part in manically moving about for many years. Time for sitting has arrived.

Actually, I probably sit behind my type writer more than on the sofa and in between both, do a lot of walking around with H and Milo, the incorrigible JRT. Another reason why we find leaving the sofa hard to leave lately is that the springs have gone. When seated we are almost level with the ground. Our knees stick up like flag poles. For some months now we are debating almost daily what to do about it. Of course being seated so low and sunk in comfort we generally keep on talking about it but rarely actually get up and do something. A bit like Sydney’s second airport! Year after year it gets talked about but nothing happens.

Anyway; at our age getting up from such low posture we often remain sunk in or on the sofa. If we want to avoid a pre-mature demise by expiring on the sofa, it now has become almost a medical emergency to do something urgently. We are still managing to get up from the sofa by moving forward onto all fours with knees on the floor and then drag each other up somehow. It is exhausting work and defeats the long stays on the sofa. But, what can you do?

Have we left it all too late now?