Grilled-sausageThe science is out and so is cholesterol as being the main culprit for heart attacks. It is stress and sugar. Hoorah, I’ll have two kilos of ‘country beef’ sausages please. Even though our butcher has gone with the times and now advertises selling ‘meat solution’ he has been inundated with requests back to sausages and lamb cutlets. In fact, a surge for those items has been recorded in our local newspaper ‘The Wollondilly Express.’ πŸ™‚

I have no trouble with sugar and have no pangs of lust for the Danish Pastry or Dutch Cream Delights. Show me a raw herring or a chargrilled dripping-hot sausage and I feel like a honeymoon, whatever a honeymoon feels like. I am delighted with that latest news. An hour long program on ABC’s catalyst praised the efforts in medical research stating that the emphasis on heart disease being caused by fat was wrong. How come skinny people were succumbing to heart disease while the rotund sausage lover roamed the streets late at night, shouting songs of love, and indulging in misdemeanours, al done in robust health?
Here have a dekka at this lot;

Disclaimer; apart from short mention of “Danish and the word Dutch” , the link to Europe is not intentional and a total fictional use of language and word order. Please note also that the article is ABC science and not intended for those steeped in leering, sneering and trolling.

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I am rather proud of that number.