You sometimes wonder where does it all come from? The first 50 days of our elected government have been whisper quiet. Not a murmur of discontent. Goodness and sweetness is being spread all around.

Morrison is keeping ‘micro intelligence’ to himself and Abbott remains hidden in a veil of tantalising obscurity that Salome would be envious of. However, they now have a serious problem of keeping it all below the table. Indonesia is threatening to put a spoke in Abbott’s well oiled chain of command. How dare those nasi-goreng eaters get agitated when we want boat people to be returned to their small country of over 260.000.000 people..

Another item is the haze surrounding the navy and army. Sexual encounters on Face -book, sex-texting, white board markers in anuses, water bottles get lost in same. What is happening here? It is normal, it is normal, were some of the responses on the ABC Drum on the Hazing issue.

Well, let me assure you and agree. It is normal in our culture. The sexual abuse of young people is an ingrained part of initiation ceremonies at schools, jobs, navy, army, just about everywhere.
I was astonished to learn of those many years ago. They are not wildly exaggerated sweeping claims as was being claimed by a respondent. Bullying is ‘de riguer’ all around us still. The ‘hazing’ got nothing to do with welcoming a new young person in the workforce and everything to do with bullying.


No doubt I will get accused of drawing a long bow but I would like to do so in any case. What are the chances of some of our politicians behaviour being a result of how they were given the Blue Cobalt around their genitals, or as someone else remarked the common practise of shellacking testicles as part of those ceremonies that were widespread. They were certainly very common in the late fifties and sixties. I experienced those rituals on all the jobs that I worked at. Did it just disappear overnight?
The army and navy almost routinely come up with sexual bullying every few years and yet it continues. Now, relate Mr Abbott with his callous disregard for others. Even the most minimum of civility to those that attempt to question him. His total contempt for our environment and threat of ecological disaster. Mr Morrison, the same hatred for truth and empathy to others. His sneering contempt for any question about refugees. His relish when he tell reporters ‘illegals’ will be sent off to Manus as quickly as possible. Not a hint or tiny sliver of empathy.
Did they also get the initiation treatment, the cobalt blue or shellacking? I gave him a ‘good shellacking’ might well have been his tormenter sneering aside some decades ago.
What do you think?