When I started blogging some years ago I used a pseudonym or false name. I found out that blogging in a community the use of pseudos soon became a waffle when multiple false names are used by the same person responding to the one blog. To connect with known people becomes a maze of not knowing who one is talking to when one person hides behind lots of false names.Meeting new people becomes a nightmare, and any productive talk of blogging or writing gets lost in the shuffle of many bewildering false names or ‘pseudos’.

Anti-pseudonym bingo

The use of pseudos became a real problem when face -book reared its head. Who would use a pseudo when you want to tell the world who you really are and want to be taken for ‘real’ and find ‘real’ friends.


If you stand by your conviction of an argument, rise or fall by letting everybody know who you are. If you want to use a false name, then use just one. To hide behind multiple false names seems silly at best and dishonest at worst, and ‘why’? Your IP address is known anyway. Take responsibility for your stance. I soon gave up my pseudo and have never regretted it. However, it is up to everyone to make that choice. Single pseudo or real name. No one would really care.

Un-moderated blogs such as the P/Arms, Bob Ellis’ and the Abc’s ‘Opinion’ that allow unlimited use of multiple pseudos run the risk of a few dominating the debate by using multiple pseudos on a single issue. It makes a serious argument into a mere waffle and shouting match. It lowers the value by diluting and warping the opinion. Note how the quality of respondents on the ABC Opinion has dwindled since 2008.

Fortunately, since the advent of ‘Face-Book’, blogging has now resulted in many writing under their real names. In fact, no blog worthy of serious debate would accept the use of multiple pseudos and only allow a single pseudo or even prefer real names. Blogs that deal with factual matters, science, architecture, literature or art etc. now insist on the use of a single false name or some even only real names.

Lastly, if you wonder why your blog is not getting much traction. Ask yourself, why would they, if none of you use real names or hide behind multiple false names.