The Pig's Arms

The Pig’s Arms

This piece has been taken direct from the provided link. It seems a reasonable way to go forward if we still feel that the Pig’s Arms has a future.

So far the P/A has had a fairly reasonable run but the moderation has been almost non- existent. Most blogs insist on real names and do not accept language that is insulting or use expletives s.a fuck, cunt etc. It just shows lack of literacy and courtesy.

“If you act with consideration for other users, you should have no problems. Take some responsibility for the quality of the conversations in which you participate. Help make this an intelligent place for discussion.

•We welcome debate and dissent, but personal attacks (on authors, other users or any individual), abuse and defamatory language will not be tolerated. Nor will we tolerate attempts to deliberately disrupt discussions. We aim to maintain the service as an inviting space to focus on intelligent discussions. Be courteous.

•We acknowledge criticism of the articles we publish. But for the sake of robust debate, we will distinguish between constructive, focused argument and smear tactics.

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•We understand that people often feel strongly about issues debated on the site, but we will consider removing any content that others might find extremely offensive or threatening. Please respect other people’s views and beliefs and consider your impact on others when making your contribution.

•We reserve the right to curtail conversations and refuse access. We don’t want to stop people discussing topics they are enthusiastic about, but we do ask users to find ways of sharing their views that do not feel divisive, threatening or toxic to others. Personal attacks are a direct violation of these guidelines and are grounds for immediate and permanent suspension of access to all or part of The Conversation service.

•We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia or other forms of discriminatory language or contributions that could be interpreted as such.

•We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially defamatory postings, or material posted in potential breach of copyright.

•We will remove any posts that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like. Our aim is that this site should provide a space for people to interact with our content and each other, and we actively discourage commercial entities passing themselves off as individuals to post advertising material or links. This may also apply to people or organisations that frequently post propaganda or external links.

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