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Rioting Pussies

Rioting Pussies


Now here is a post that any pub ought to be proud of discussing. What to make of those gloriously looking females willing to put so much of themselves on the line in protecting their freedom to express whatever crosses their minds without being overtly or covertly abusive.

Could the Pig’s Arms learn something from a humble Russian pussy? Two of them were jailed for ‘rioting’. This was apparently a result of the group performing in a church singing anti -Putin songs. The jailing was seen as an overreaction and Human rights groups became involved. Many were aghast they were jailed for, what many felt and thought, as a rather funny but controversial act.

Anyway, I am pleased two Pussy riot members are now taking their plight up with the Dutch Government. Not long ago Holland got involved with their International Court questioning the treatment of the protestors trying to disrupt oil exploration platform in the Arctic area near Russia.
Nice work!