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Story by the Great Hung One On and Digital Mischief by Warrigal Mirriyuula

Hung here again. When you play in a pub on a Sunday night and everyone wears a leather jacket the music needs to suit. The crowd arrived irrespective of our music and I eventually realised that the only way to live through the night was to play this. Second bracket.


Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze


ZZ Top – La Grange


Angels – After the Rain


Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll


Free – Alright Now


Free – Wishing Well


Bad Company –  Can’t get enough of your Love


Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash


Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror


Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing

The Connection – Well you have heard of the six points of separation, well my last band had something similar. So I met my wife, Tutu, at the hospital were we trained in NSW. We had a great mutual friend, Kathy, who also did her training with us but came from Melbourne. For some reason she and her new husband, Bill, decided to move to Adelaide.

Prior to getting married Tutu had travelled to the UK and became friends with a girl from Adelaide, Kate, so putting the two together we planned a trip to Adelaide to catch up with our friends. Unfortunately I was involved in a serious motor bike accident that really set us back but after another year or so we set off. Well we had a ball. Kathy and Bill became our best mates and Tutu and I moved permanently to Adelaide to live. Kate let us board with her till we got on our feet, housing was cheap and there was plenty of work.

One day Bill said that he could play guitar and of course I said I could play drums. Now Bill was in the car trade and knew a bloke called Simon who played guitar so we teamed up for a jam. After many line up changes we joined with the Wilson brothers, who Bill met in a bar and we had our first band. Problem for me was the accident had interfered with my drumming technique and eventually I quit the band and sold my drums. Isn’t this interesting folks! (Ed’s note:  Yes, it IS, Hung.  Now get on with it J)

I missed music bad. Tutu had an old guitar that her mum wanted to get rid of however Tutu could play piano but wasn’t interested in the guitar so she said you learn. So I did, at first through WEA, then just by buying books until I met a young Greek bloke called George who really taught me how to play. Using motivational techniques and many hours of practice I became really good.

One day Tutu and I were out dining with friends when Simon walked through the door, just like it was meant to happen. We hadn’t seen each other for 10 years or more and started jamming together but this time as guitarists. We put a song list together and invited some folks to join in. None fitted until one day Simon suggested Tony, his ex-brother-in-law and our old mate Bill, who knew John, a drummer, from another band.

Trouble was we needed a bass player. No one knew one but I had been given a bass by a friend who said that he could never get his head around it. So I became the bassist, Bill sang, John drummed, Tony played lead and Simon rhythm except for the Dire Straits. So Ambush was formed.

The connection was: Wollongong, nursing, Melbourne, cars, Adelaide, in laws and best friends. Okay then seven points of separation. Sheesh!