AbacabThe song I want to feature from this album is titled Abacab. To me is was a real kick arse track that never reached the heights that it deserved. Some Genesis fans bailed after Peter Gabriel left and fair enough, Gabriel went on to have his own solo career and was quite successful. Phil Collins took over from A Trick of the Tail and Genesis soldiered on and thank Gordon they did. This is a great track.  By the way Abacab was the structure of the song. Broken into parts and played that way. Enjoy this at your pleasure. I do.

FragileThis song comes from a UK band called Yes and I believe that this, Fragile,  is about their best album. The track I want to feature is called Roundabout and it’s big down fall was it was too long for popular radio at the time. This is where blues meets classical. Love it. The bass on this track is simply amazing. What a shame that radio insists on 3 to 4 minute tracks. This would have been a number one hit all round the world.

SliceOfHeavenThis track just won me over. Whether Dave Dobbyn wrote songs prior or after I didn’t care. This pop tune has every angle covered and I love it. Written for Footrot Flats gives it even more appeal.



FM_(No_Static_At_All)Now did you think you would get away from this without something from Steely Dan, you are kidding yourself. One of the best songs never to have made it is No static at All which we all refer to as FM. Beauty personified.

Queen_IIYes. Even Hung succumbed to this song and why I didn’t really gel with them like the Rolling Stones they did write some great pop tunes. This is the classic of all classics.