future fire-men

One more of those ditties and I’ll go on a rampage. I drove past the local church to try and find parking. I had run out of balsamic vinegar, an item much needed in my cooking the Holy Raan. This Raan dish is for North Indian Moghuls and Oosterman tribe each Christmas.

As I drove past the church it showed a luridly bright pink sign which said the most profound ; “Jesus is the reason for the season.’ This, just after I had recovered from a solid bout of some clear-sighted despair and much festive gloom. I wavered and felt like another good old re-visit to darkness and despair. Miraculously, a parking place offered itself and I was able to get to the sourness of the vinegar. A child was being smacked by an overwrought mother. Noelll, Noeeeelll, the Coles supermarket amplified over the Dairy division. The poor child, trying to help mum had dropped a Kilo of ‘plain yoghurt’ which exploded on the linoleum floor. Poor mum, nothing is ever plain.

I went home and inspected my 4 Kilo leg of sheep sweetly being marinated in a large oven dish in the fridge. For those that want the best Christmas dish, look up Raan recipe by Juli Sahni. The leg of lamb needs three days of marinating in a slurry of all sorts of ingredients. It really works each year and you will get praised to smithereens.

I’ll have to keep this post short and snappy. Within minutes of the grandsons arriving I was sitting in the Emergency ward of Bowral Hospital. Thomas had cut his foot on a shard of glass. This a result of a bottle falling on the tiled floor of the kitchen. Doctor Tony inspected the cut and cleaned it out. Thomas was back playing cricket twenty minutes later. Noeeel, Noellll. Jesus is the reason for…..?. Oh no!

Anyway. This is it till further notice. “A happy Christmas and season’s best” wishes to all of you having had the patience and endurance to keep reading so many drivelling words in some order.. Nothing profound here. Try next door.

NOELLL, ohhhh,Noeeelll. NOOOOEEEELLLLL.images Christmas shoppers