This me, spoiling the picture of Loch Luna

This is me, spoiling the picture of Loch Luna

Hi Hung here, please note the t-shirt I’m wearing is a Steely Dan t-shirt, what style and panache. In the next few days I will be leaving South Australia. I’m off to become a grey nomad, what ever that means, and will be out of action for a while. Oh yes, I sense you are feeling unbridled joy.

I really just want to say “I’ll be back” [Move over Arnie] but I don’t know when as at this stage I simply don’t know what the future holds.

To everyone at the Pigs Arms, thank you. I see you all as my mates, even the folk that I have had words with. I when through some very diffricult times with you all and some very good times. The buzz I got from writing Father O’Way was amazing. Plus I’m the only one that got banned twice, a world record.

Keep the faith patrons. We are lucky that we have been able to form a group from the days before Unleashed, during Unleashed and now The Drum. Thanks Mikey.

For the record, Tutu will spend parts of the trip with me. Our bond is virtually unbreakable. Well unless some rich sheila comes along. [Only joking]

When I find my feet and figure out all this mobile technology I will come back to haunt you but for now I’m signing off.



PS: Yes I know I need a haircut.

Now for the compulsory Steely Dan song list.

Don’t Take Me Alive

Kid Charlemagne



Babylon Sisters

Reelin in the Years

Parkers Band


Western World

Fire in the Hole