A man who was a chef in a previous life

Well for Gordon’s sake, here I am writing under Hung again, so many identities so little time. Anyhoo I’d like to provide a nice recipe. Oh yes nice, just to get even with my English teachers however the real Hung would say delicious and simple but never let a chance go by, like starting sentences with And and But, now one of my favorite get backs but hey I don’t hold grudges.


White fish fillets – now me I’d eat flathead tails. Whiting or BreamΒ  would be good but get what you like, prawns, squid can also be added or substituted.Fish filleted, skin and bone out. If small leave fillets whole.

Bunch of spinach or silver beet, can use frozen[don’t you love the irony, I do], need some of the water,as least a cup. Chopped or pulsed in a food processor.

Chicken or vegetable stock, at gel stage. From the supermarket is easiest

Jalapeno chilies, mild. Look it needs chili, banana peppers if you really can’t.

Anchovies, at least 2. This is for the salt, add as many as you need or replace them with salt.

Red Pepper that have been char grilled and skins removed,chopped.

Black pepper

Olives I like green ones,I don’t know how black ones will go in this recipe. Chopped.

Tomato paste

The Method

In a sauce pan non stick 23cm with lid, put the in spinach, allow to steam off, you what enough fluid for the fish. When reduced add all the other ingredients tomato paste last and mix thoroughly . Add fish and cover with sauce. Return heat to simmer and when simmering put the lid on and turn the heat off. Five to ten minutes is enough. I prefer 10 minutes.Serve with anything your heat desires, I had rice but do what ever you like really.