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 Crimson Trio Members - Ian Wallace, Jody Nardone, Tim Landers

Crimson Trio Members – Ian Wallace, Jody Nardone, Tim Landers

The King Crimson Songbook by the Crimson Jazz Trio is yet another jazz fusion style of album. The picture on the left I borrowed from Wiki, thank you and the members names are listed in the caption. No animals were harmed in the typing of this story, rest safe.
This is one fantastic album folks, sitting on the porch, gazing at the Milky Way, sipping on some nice wine, watching your cat get flattened and simply sharing time with your partner. Yes, you, sharing time with your partner. It’s  important so sit up and take notice. This is important for many reasons because your partner will know when to shut the fuck up just like you will know when to shut the fuck up. Then and only then you can truly listen to this majestic album.
Now lets just have a quick look at the history behind this band while I eat my pizza. Jalapeno, garlic and shredded beetroot ,basil hmm, my favorite. [Sorry forgot where I was]
Now this band formed from King Crimson that where a a sixties progressive or alternative rock band. Look them up at Wiki here if you are interested,
All good. So Robert Fripp was the main stay throughout Crimson but the jazz trio was put together by Ian Wallace, a former member of Crimson.
Fripp has recorded so much music I wouldn’t have the space to mention it all here, Album cove CJTBrian Eno did a lot of work with Fripp. I find Fripp maybe a bit to Bach for me however I do just love some of his material for example, google the Californian Guitar Trio, brilliant.
When I first heard King Crimson I really didn’t get into them but later I got to like  “Larks Tongue in Aspect” and “Starless in Bible Black“. Both are great albums from the seventies.
Crimson reformed in the early 80’s , and went in a different direction and I strongly recommend these three albums, “Discipline“, “Beat” and “Three of a Perfect Pair“.
Think of it like this, a bit outside the box. Me, I love it.
My favorite tracks is are,
I Talk to the Wind
then Starless
then the King Crimson version of Matte Kudsai
then the Crimson Jazz Trio version of Matte Kudsai
then the whole album
Thank Gordon for music. I hope you will enjoy this. I do.
Mark aka  Hung
PS: A volume 2 exists as well I believe however I haven’t heard it yet.