Sundays with Sandy

Sundays with Sandy

Hello. Yes it’s Sunday so your local priest, Father Sandy O’Way, is here to guide you through the next short phase in your life. Please relate phase to any period of time you wish, thank you. Millisecond onward is fine.

Here at St. Generic Brand we take on all kinds, like the 210 followers of this site, indicating madness is somewhat widespread. Sorry scientists, no debate needed as you will win every time.

Here’s some burning stuff from Gordon. For those who don’t know, Gordon O’Donnell(God) is the creator of the universe. So when blaspheming in future, the correct expression is “Oh my Gordon” or “for Gawds sake”, get the picture?

  1. Global warming – Gordon says, cool it guys or you’re zarked.
  2. Live every day as your last. This means that finally one day you will be right. The atoms in your body will always remain part of the universe therefore you are immortal.
  3. Never say never, especially to another glass canoe unless driving or voting Liberal. For the latter always say never.
  4. If the truth doesn’t fit, lie, then be prepared to live with the consequences.
  5. My Dyson sucks

Have a great day all. Laugh and laugh hard for Gordon, Bishop Bishop and yours truly, whatever my name really is, Mark, I think.

This man was a skinhead when he entered the waiting room..

This man was a skinhead when he entered the waiting room…, er ..,.,…


Now, after St Generic Brand help this man now looks like this,

Crispin and ewes likes St Generic Brand, or else...

Crispin and ewes likes St Generic Brand, or else…


Try this gig. I got the whole way through but wow, talk about serious guitar players. See how long  you last, King Crimson, Live in Japan.

Love it but good luck.

This is Father Sandy O’Way, St Generic Brand, Inner West Cyberia  signing out …