Gib W ready to start work...

Gib W ready to start work…


Gib W was looking worried, no pensive. Well what is it? It can only be one or the other? Well he was worriedly pensive, how’s that, and who are you any way? Me, I’m you. I’m just talking to you as I felt like it and I became pensively worried, hmm.

“You look a bit pensive Gib, what’s wrong mate?” asks Angler, fresh off the Flyer and fortunately in time for dinner, oh yes the man must be a musician to have timing like that.

“No I’m worried but the author is paying me back about a comment I made about Foodge being pensive and punishment is in this episode I’m pensive.” blarts Gib worriedly.

“Oh, no worries, lets shoot him” replies Angler.

“Nah, if we shoot him he doesn’t get to finish the story and then we won’t exist till next episode and who knows when that will be” moans Gib, rather pensively.

“Shit” says non-pensive Angler.

“Shit” says the crew. Mixed bag, sorry no understanding of pensiveness from this lot.

“Anyway, what’s this blink’in story about?” interjects Nurse Barbara as she lights a fag and downs a pint, as you do.

“Hope it about blokes with tight bums” crows Sister Yvonne.

“It’s about the election” says Gib ” The Purse Carrying Nancy Boys polled roughly around you know, sort of, well, sort of none really”

The crew dimmed into the background as if on a long distance drive. Lots of road kill. Not much to say. Thinking about women and glasses of beer, as the moon rises…(thanks JT)

Wow, their one and only party decimated as they all forgot to vote for them. The other issue was they forgot to nominate a candidate. But look, these things happen and you have to live and learn or learn and live, something like that.

This is my sort of party.