Merv on leave

Merv on leave


Merv and the Discarded Episode.

Merv was going to say “Granny, where’s me coffee?”

And Granny was going to reply “In your mug you great big mug” but she didn’t, see this episode has been discarded, so everything that was going to be said didn’t actually get said.

“Thanks Granny” Merv was going to say, then he was going to give her a peck on the cheek, but alas, no instead nothing happened. No advanced frottage either.

Gib was going to say ”Will you two love birds stop it” but no, nothing happened.

Angler was going to pipe in about how it should be legal to discharge shot guns in the front bar but given the circumstances thought better of it.

Hon, Nurse Barbara and Sister Yvonne all seemed unusually quiet. No discussions of nursing rounds, first aid remedies or lippy and eyeliner were discussed. Cigarettes and ale were the order of the day, well sort of. Men’s arses, fair enough.

“Frigging Gord” unsays Hon Shades “don’t ask me about ROM or COM, just computer bullshit”

“Untolded you that Merv would unask for this” unsays Nurse Barbara.

Foodge entered the bar looking unresponsive. Oh yes, you know this could be the new, you know, thing, maybe the new thing but, be careful what you wish for. Expensive etc. may now finally get a rest. I hope everyone understands what I am not unsaying.

Anyhoo even the finest barrister in Inner Cyberia could only muster “Canoe of Trotter’s Special” but even that didn’t get said and a simple hand gesture to Merv and the order was placed, almost.

Now for the bad bit, er, um, unless you think this is already unbad or only moderately bad I’m sorry but this story is only going to get better or worse or even better unbetter and unworse.

I could go on but the Unpolice are here to take me unaway. let’s keep reading and TV’s crap so anyhoo O’Hoo unentered the bar after waking up on the pool table. Bruising aside he looked remarkably well for an octogenarian in his thirties. How unthinking of me, yes unback to silence between Granny and Merv.

“It’s over, the people have unspoken” unsays Merv.

“Unlook, okay” unsays Granny “ but how about one more unfuc@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@”


Oh, ungranny...

Oh, ungranny…