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The Sociology of A Place To Call Home Part 6

by Sandshoe (Honshades)

Sociology is a study of human inter-connectedness, how we connect with this and that and each other and why and where and when.

The information is called data.

We can set up a pin board to begin thinking about the sociology of, say, our position of employment in our workplace. We work in a department store. We can tie string from a big pin that represents ourselves to

Is this style or what

another and so on. Messy if we do not conceive of a design. Let’s try surrounding ourselves with pins that represent our work circle of associates. We can make an outer circle representing who each person’s position connects with external to the floor we work on and go on doing that. We can use different coloured string and connect our pin to the pins of the people we work with most often and each of those with the pins of the people they work with most.

We have string art likely big enough already to mount on the facade of a building or we cannot see the inter-connections at a glance.

String lines between pins and the number of pins don’t mean a thing without data that describes the inter-connections.

Some cheap sociologists

A sociologist is a cheaper option. A sociologist will make us a design we can fit on a piece of paper. Sociology is a science. Sociology is not an exact science because bias frames what questions we ask.

What is frequently missing in discussion about sociology is a generic statement that explains what it is for, what we are looking for. I think happiness. A banker is going to say the getting of money. An economist might say an economy that functions and so on. I rest my case.

I cannot understand for the life of me why happiness is not named as the only factor of social study that predicates success.

The United Nations World Happiness Report 2017 published by the Sustainable Solutions Network ranks Australia as the ninth happiest in a list of 155 countries.

A decent argument about what happiness looks like … not neglecting what happiness is not … is the go.

to be continued…

Christina Binning Wilson


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