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Ugg boots is good boots

Written by Big M.

Foodge’s deep slumber was interrupted by an urgent need to micturate (no, not through the railing). He was interrupted mid-stream by a tap at the window. He struggled to ignore it but came a second and a third tap. He gave his local member a good shake and opened the window, just in time for the fourth tap, actually a small stone, to hit him in the forehead.

Foodge looked down at the Pigs Arms car park, which was barely lit by a single incandescent bulb. It was sufficient to illuminate a tall figure, obviously male, clad only in a ‘too small’ white hospital gown with no ties and, unfortunately, no underwear. “Mr Merv, watcha doin’ out there?”

“What am I doin’? I’m escaping”” Merv replied sotto voce. “You know what they wanted to do?”

“An orchidectomy.”

“D’you know what that is?” Merv was squirming.


“They wanted to chop me nuts off.”

They’re going’ to chop my nuts off…you must be farking joking

“Well that doesn’t sound right.” Foodge turned to go back to bed.

“Can you let me in?”

“Oh, of course.”

It seemed like an eternity to Merv, but Foodge eventually appeared at the car park exit. “Come on in, old chap.”

Merv nervously looked around then darted through the door. “Quick, turn that light off, I think the cops are already onto me.”

“Why would the Pleece be after you? You weren’t admitted under an order, you were a voluntary patient.” Foodge did seem to know something about the law.

A previous FOW which has nothing to do with this story…

“Why was I manacled to the bed then?” Merv thought he’d won the argument.

“I think that Nurse Mervette may be responsible for that.”

I’m having a re bore, I recommend it to everyone…

Merv started crying again. “Don’t mention that name.”

“Come on Mr Merv, I’ll make you a cup of chino.”

“Let’s get something stronger.” Merv was already behind the bar pouring two Double IPAs.

Of course, all of this activity had woken the household. Granny, Manne and O’Hoo suddenly appeared. “Yay, Mr Merv’s home, yelled O’Hoo. Let’s have a party!”

“I’ll put the wedges on.” Yelled Manne.

“Where’s the good Scotch?” Granny was ebullient.

“Sit down Mr Merv, I’ll take over.”

“No you won’t, O’Hoo, you’d be the worst bar tender in Australia.” Granny pushed Merv out of the way and started pouring.

“Come on you lot, the cops will take me liquor licence if we get caught.” Merv remonstrated.

“Actually, Mr Merv, you are entitled, under the Liquor Act of 2007 to have a private party.” Foodge was just showing off, now.

Foodge fights for buds…

“Oh, yeah, of course, I used to go to a lot of ‘private parties’ in my youth.” Merv finished his beer and reached out for a second.

“There is one thing for which Pleece do take a particularly dim view.”

“What’s that, mate?”

Foodge looked down at the gap between the hem of the gown and Merv’s Private Region. “Wedding tackle on display, with, or without orchids!”