My old home town

This is where I grew up. The photo was taken in 1904. So if you take 1904 from 2021 you get twenty five. Makes me 26 this year. That’s right isn’t it Algy?

As you can see, transport hasn’t changed and the big building on the corner is the Ryan’s Hotel which meant getting to the pub was much harder than getting home. My brother-in-law and I can attest to this on many occasions.

The Illawarra Escarpment hasn’t changed a dickie bird whereas me and my brother-in-law have.

The town is called Thirroul which means “easy to pub, hard to get home” in the local lingo and in the late 1880’s everyone spoke French so the locals knew that then.

The roads are still shit and now traffic lights are needed to control the flow of horse drawn buggies. Gee how things have changed.

Beam me up Scottie…