Soul Walk

Written by Sandshoe

10 March, 2021.

I often reflect on Lehan Winifred Ramsay and what she has meant to me.

Coming out of a University building after a Clubs and Associations training meeting yesterday evening my eye was taken by the sky. I had emerged out of the building into a dark side path I found was not lit as I expected.

Perhaps it really was because I had taken a road less travelled I happened on a friend at an intersection of the path I further took to walk home. My friend Dom is a mature age student whose specialist attention is in IT. I feel we found such important common ground in our shared talk.

I walked further with one of the security staff. He makes a difference in the work he does on campus. He walks a regular beat and recognizes the students who need the warm or plain kind word of a person who listens as another speaks. He walks a path less travelled.

Reading back over shared communication with Lehan, I see later she and I meet at intersections of a sort and I would in some ways too sadly forget if they were not captured on pages of The Pig’s Arms where we met. I wander around online and view her life work, her photography, read what we at the pub here, this wild and romantic blog post, had with Lehan as a contributor, our bold and innovative off-the-wall friend.

The work she sent me is not listed anywhere that I have found. ‘The Lotus Pond’ is one of her most beautiful and possibly significant paintings. Fireflies flash their illumination of magic and dart across the pond surface.