Yep, me worry…

Hi all, Mark here. I want to start remembering some stories from the vault that we all went through over the years. Mostly fun but at times we fell out with each other for varying reasons. Me, the only one banned 3 times. Hilarious.

When I started blogging at the ABC I was traveling okay but then moving to the Pigs Arms I had many problems. Health, alcohol, pot, and work-a-holic, 60hrs pw plus. I survived and lots of the stuff I wrote as Father O’Way was on my up cycle, i.e., I’m Bi-Polar but fall into the hardest category to diagnose being depression plus hypomania. I am no longer ashamed of this. I accept my disability and take medication that helps me overcome this. I do falterer from time to time as Ace(Algernon) knows.

About my writing style. I aimed for stupid. I was once compared to Spike Milligan. Wow, what an honour. Mike Jones asked me to run with a couple of characters in the early days of the Pigs Arms, one of which was Father O’Way. I picked FOW as I had endured a catholic school education which I absolutely hated, this was time for revenge, a priest that didn’t believe in God. Leading to Gordon O’Donnell, the creator of the universe. Interestingly, I had created Gordon at a Christmas party with my family decades before.

Anything inside brackets is meant to be a dialogue between the character and the author. I thought this was unique at the time however Mrs. Browns Boys does similar. I’m uncertain that I was influenced by Brendan O’Carroll as I had never watched the show.

Surprisingly, some of the sentences I wrote that absolutely cracked me up still amuse me and make me wonder if they did for you. This makes me laugh still. Here’s some examples in the link below,

“Sister Horribleness …” Anyone that went to a catholic school had one or more of these.

“Don’t wanna type too loud here just in case the old bat can still hear.”

“Yes, your Excellency,” I say beauteously.

Bishop Bent picked up the bill which was paid for by attendees of the church, unbelievable people in my view. You know, you would almost think this was fiction. Veri Bent to me was very poignant.

“Meet to glad you” 

Anyway, here’s the link. I won’t try a re-post as I can’t supply all of the cute photos. Enjoy.