This is close to one of my favourites. It came from when Tutu and I went out for a coffee and when served I was asked if I wanted a mug. That was the spark and it reminded me of when we would go to the SCG from the Gong to watch test cricket. Someone in the crowd would inevitably call out, have a go ya mug. How the rest of the story developed is beyond me.

Window Dresser's Arms, Pig & Whistle

Simulated Mug Simulated Mug

Merv wants a Mug.

Oh what a glorious day, hmm, the sun has risen, well about 6 hours ago and life is under way in it’s usual manner. Merv rises from the love tub and saunters into the front bar.

“Granny, I want a mug from now on” orders Merv.

“Fark ewe, they is two ex-pensive” replies Granny.

“Well how ex-pensive are they?”

“Well think of ex-pensive then add a shit load more. I’ll take you down to the mug shop, I’m sure you have been there before” continues Granny.

So off they trod down the road and around the corner to the Mug Shop. Merv immediately realises that he has been coming here well, is your whole life a lot?

Granny takes Merv to the mug counter. Please take a ticket the sign says so Granny retrieves one.

The ticket says Thank you. You have been countered…

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