Hey, me here, you know that bloke that fades in and out like a late-night radio broadcast. Anyway, I need to make a confession. Yes, I,m a sinner, oops, no, I ended up joining facebook after years of pressure from my family. See, they wanted me to see photos of their meals and their trips to the Snowy. Personally, I cared little, so I actually linked a few Pigs Arms articles to FB and got 2 likes. My nephew thinks Foodge and Father O’Way are hysterical and a total stranger liked it with a thumbs up. My nephew who has a PhD in neuroscience has to explain Foodge and FOW to his parents. This tells me a lot about Darwinism.

Now, I fucking hate this new text editor from WordPress. WordPress is the engine that runs the Pigs Arms website. The new editor wants you to be a coding guru, which funnily enough, I used t write computer programs. Now, I hate it. If you are familiar with drag and drop, well, that’s where I’m at. The little side pictures and wrapped text are a thing of the past. I’m sure it’s achievable but I can’t be bothered achieving it. You know the old saying, lots of effort for very little outcome.

On to Neil Young. Boy, do I have some mixed feelings. Visit this web page for lots of great articles about 60’s, 70’s music, and beyond. Neil Sambrook has a great skill at filling in some gaps in, well my, music knowledge. Neil is a fantastic music journalist.


Now, my favourite Neil Young album is “After the Gold Rush”. Mainly because of circumstances. I originally was exposed to “Harvest” and CSNY thanks to my big brother. I loved Harvest however over time I loved Gold Rush better. In Neils’s article here, he rates “On the Beach” as better”, If you choose, feel free to let me know. I respect all of your opinions.

On the Beach.
After the Goldrush
Harvest Moon

Listen to them if you want. It’s up to you. These are my favourite Neil Young albums. The rest, well, I can give or take.’

Signing off as Mark, Sandy, Hoo, Father O’Way, Gorden O’Donnell, Merv. Mervette and so on. Enjoy. 🙂