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The Dump is:
For posting comments that don’t get up at the Drum, and for having a pleasant, mirthful or enlightening off-topic discussion.
It’s not for personal abuse of other commenters.
Please do that somewhere else if you must.
Play nicely or piss off.
However, why doesn’t a poster add a link for us to read and comment on here, much quicker. Maybe we can do a bit more bagging here, not that I speak for the moderators, yet.


NB: Being tiresome and boring, racist, sexist or just plain creepy is not playing nicely.

give a crap


The Pig’s Arms exists because eight or nine years ago our other favourite playpen – the ABC’s Unleashed blogsphere started to go off.  Like a sack of prawn heads  in the sun.  Something had to be done.

Moderation was taking forever.  Comments seemed to be rejected randomly – outrageous ones appeared and reasoned ones were pinged.   When they released the Drum / Unleashed ….. things actually got worse !

So many pieces from professional writers appear with no obvious merit.  And the moderation has become, to put it frankly, appalling.

As a former contributor and a commenter, I was deeply disappointed at the plummeting quality from our pre-eminent media empire.  And I resented so many challenging or dare I say, witty or funny posts in which we’ve invested seconds of our precious time – getting the chop.

So here, for all our benefit – is an open slather blog.  Copy and paste your best rejected comments here for posterity.  Does not matter whether you’re posting on the Guardian, First Dog on the Moon or wherever else.

And sprinkle pointers to the Pig’s Arms amongst your comments.  Let’s try to rescue some of the old faithful.



14676 thoughts on “The Dump”

  1. Gladys the hypocrite


  2. Is it just me who is finding some of the commentary at TGA somewhat tedious lately.
    I’m not a fan of Binchicken and her government, her list of failures, are too numerous to fully list. Overpriced trains that don’t fit tracks and tunnels, ferries where you need to duck if they go under bridges. Toy trains that are more than double the price and where its faster to walk, building of unnecessary road with whopping tolls. Dead fish, destruction of koala habitat, pulling down of sporting stadiums just in case they opposition wins the election, the sale of the LTO against all advice and the moving of the Powerhouse to a flood plain, just to name a few.

    I think her position is becoming untenable, with the shredding of documents where money has been allegedly sent to councils that didn’t ask for it and what she isn’t saying about what she knew with Darryl.

    But I will give her credit and respect for her handling of last summers bushfires and much of her handling of COVID-19.

    It is sad that Scotty the Stupid, continues to hold her and NSW up as the exemplar to score cheap political points in his marketing of his government lack of response to the pandemic. His playing of politics setting one state against the other is a failure of leadership, not that he’s a leader anyway.

    It is also a failure or responsibility on behalf of the Commonwealth for them to ignore Private Aged Care, Quarantine along with International border control.

    Now I’m no fan of state border closures, IMHO I think ring fencing areas would have been a better option, as nowadays state borders in the main are nothing more that lines on maps for those who live in those areas and Bureaucrats drawing lines saying who is in a bubble and who is not.

    In this second wave I think Melbourne should have been ringfenced and closed. Instead we had the NSW Victoria border closed.

    Binchicken should just shut up about them even if she has a point about the closure with Queensland.

    Labor governments in Queensland and WA have weaponised this crisis to their own political advantage due to elections in those states. Palacechook repeated the “Keeping Queenslanders Safe” repeatedly since May. McGowan in WA, who was quite happy to ignore the International Laws of the Sea in the early days is now opening up given the year is now all but over and the election due in March.

    Even Queensland’s blocking of people in Sydney because it’s a hot spot, their definition doesn’t hold up anywhere in the world outside of Queensland, just to spite Binchicken who keeps barking at her, smacks of pahrochial hokey pokeiness.
    Premiers have made mistakes as they will during this pandemic, its their response and the taking of some responsibility that is important. Which brings me to Victoria. I wouldn’t have wanted to be Dan Andrews or any premier for that matter having to deal it.

    They made mistakes, some which they won’t acknowledge. But the commentary at the TGA is beyond ridiculous. Most can’t take their political blinkers off. Dan can do no wrong, even to question brings an ignorant pile on. Say anything in support of Binchicken brings much the same. Most the Queenslanders though are a special breed altogether, they just make stuff up.

    I have no need to go to Queensland, but have missed significant events in WA. That’s just how it is during this pandemic. Life is fairly routine where a trip to the doctor seems like a highlight for the week. That’s not to say we don’t do things, we’re just careful where we go and what we do. We had a trip to Canberra recently, where it dawned upon me that have a different attitude to what we do here in dealing with this virus.

    Family in WA are fearful if a case of COVID were somehow to get out. People aren’t prepared there, see it as something of a joke, isolation suits them well and has protected them.

    My biggest fear would be Queensland, who I don’t think are prepared for an outbreak, the next which will inevitably come. The way they responded to two black girls, by naming them, showing where they lived is unconscionable behaviour from government, straight out state sanctioned racism. Yet two white girls that did the same thing were protected.

    I guess this pandemic won’t be going anywhere soon, so little will change. Nor will much of the commentary at the TGA.

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    • Agree. I’ve been dumped for not much twice in the last fortnight and yet others get away with blue murder. Starting lose interest in the site. Seems haphazard how they decide which articles to open and which ones stay closed.

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    • Good example is KM’s article today not open for comment.


      • Yes and the other days but Albo diatribe. Very unusual hers is not open on a Saturday.


        • I’ve assumed it’s either staffing/Covid related or cost savings. Annoying though. Then some articles start off with no comments for hours but then suddenly open for comments.


    • Apart from the COVID 19 thingie, Algae, it sounds very much like ‘politics as usual’ to me… I can’t be bothered to follow it any more. All we can expect is more stupidity and being sold out time after time to the ‘big end’ of town… i.e. to the banksters and their corporations.

      Speaking of COVID and corporations, you should google an economist named Lynette Zang… she has some very interesting things to say about COVID and how it’s being used by the pollies globally to further their globalist Agendas 21 and 30…

      I don’t want to say too much as I’m sure all you piglets are smart enough to draw your own conclusions, but I will say that, among other things, Zang believes COVID is being used as a smokescreen for the deliberate crashing of our economies (which were tanking anyway, even before the Dreaded Lergie struck!) as an excuse to introduce a cashless economy (as per the banksters’ long-cherished desires!) and to reset the global economy. (Which, I suppose will really start to be treated as a single, global economy after the reset… it already is to some extent, but they’re still at the ‘just tinkering’ stage.)

      I watched a video of Bill Gates being interviewed about COVID this morning, and for some strange reason I couldn’t help but think he reminded me of ‘Lucky Larry’ (“So I told them to pull it!”) Silverstein… Doesn’t he have a ship-load of money invested in medical supply/pharmaceutical/vaccination companies? Isn’t he and a certain Dr Fauci, who I believe also ‘coincidentally’ had shares in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, whom we are asked to believe REALLY DIDN’T have anything to do with the leaking of a certain COVID 19 virus! Even though just across the road from the fish-market which IS supposed to have been the original source for this bat-virus… and even though the WIV WAS indeed experimenting with COVID viruses on such bats… Just another coincidence, I suppose. It certainly CAN’T be a conspiracy, could it? I mean, we ALL KNOW that such things as ‘conspiracies’ just DON’T HAPPEN, do they?

      Yeah… just a coincidence… Like the stochastic theory of Empire! (No-one EVER wanted an empire, you know that, too, don’t you? They all just kinda happened… by accident!)

      Oh well… that’s enough of a rant from me for one day. Truly I didn’t intend to write so much, but you know me when I get started on something… So, I’ll bid you all “G’day!” and return to my video game… (It’s so easy to retreat into fantasy when reality is such a load of old cobblers!) 😉


    • Oops! I meant to say “Isn’t he (i.e. Bill Gates) and Dr Fauci likely to make out like bandits when they finally introduce a virus?” but I interposed a far too long parenthesis and forgot half of what I wanted to say… Oh well… now you’ll get the whole message, anyway…

      Ciao for now… I’m going back to “Kingdom Come, Deliverance!” in which fantasy world the only disease we have to worry about is the Bubonic Plague and where most of the feudal lords are MUCH nicer, truer and nobler than what we laughingly refer to these days as, “Our brave and fearless leaders!” (Or sometimes, “Our Fuhrers!”)

      Cy’all! 😀


  3. algernon1 said:

    Sign of the times. Just got our water rates and this very interesting statement was included.

    A late payment fee of $0.00 (including $0.00 GST) or interest, whichever is higher, may be charged on overdue amounts. The current interest rate is 0.00% a year.

    Guess there is no need to pay it then or on time


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