Prominent Conservative Politician Researching an Autobiography

Prominent Conservative Politician Researching an Autobiography

I wasn’t going to adorn this piece of found digital mischief, but with the excerpts from Tony’s new book in this Weekend’s Australian,  I just could not bear to let the opportunity go past.

Do yourself a really huge favour.  Read the Australian excerpts (saves going anywhere near the actual book)  – particularly if you need a good purging.  If you thought Peter Costello’s book was the biggest pile of ordure in Christendom, you have not seen even a scintilla of this new ultimate puddle of vomit.

Is it the cheesy photos of Mr Cool in his Oxford boxing team days ?  The doting wife feeding him his mouthguard during a charity boxing match ?  The doting mother of someone else’s baby ?  (Remember the Tony Abbott love child saga ?).  Give me strength.  Has this dude no shame ?  Not that he thought he had knocked up his girlfriend and persuaded her to have it adopted out (Pope 1: abortionists nil).

Tony’s crime is to put it in print and roll around in it under the misapprehension that it’s actually worth reading about.

And the endless equivocation about whether “leadership” was best achieved through the priesthood.  (Ignoring the pre-marital period before marrying God) where there was an implied bit of horizontal folk dancing going on.

... and then she sent me this letter from the maternity ward - Pell was really pissed off

... and then she sent me this letter from the maternity ward - Pell was really pissed off

Is it me, or is it that conservative politicians – particularly those in opposition have nothing better to do than dream up tomes of self-congratulation.  Are they worse than retired Labor politicians ?  Yes ! Because (apart from Mark Latham’s reasonable impression of barking madness, the Neocons are just so fucking pious and full of self regard).

Still, correct me if I’m wrong you scholars, isn’t hubris a mortal sin ?

I’m selling “fly on the wall” tickets for when Tony gets to discuss his overall game with St Peter.

Should be a lot more interesting than some waffle about fixing a busted Federation – without vaporising the States.

Sorry, I’ve had my run.  I can’t hold it down any longer …. I’m off to speak to God on the porcelain telephone.  Thanks a lot Tony.

Remember my advice on your gay marriages blog ?  No matter how much you tinker with the bread, your filling still makes it a basic turd sandwich.

I’m pretty sure Warrigal found this under a rock on the Internet…..  how appropriate.