Pig-Tel Toaster – for the geek who has everything

As we rocket towards the festive season, The Pig’s Arms marketing team Pig-Tel brings you, our faithful patron, the opportunity of a lifetime, the perfect gift for the geek who has everything – the PIG-Tel USB toaster.

Now we know that true geeks will be aware that the power coming out of the USB port of your PC is not a lot – and that a conventional toaster would take approximately two weeks to produce toast (well, dry bread more so than toast).

So the Pig-Tel boffins have come up with a new and revolutionary way of using a conventional oinkjet printer to lightly spray a brown tinge on a single slice of bread.  Quick as a wink.

So for just $9.95 plus postage and handling ($495.85, or two monthly payments of $300.67), this Pig-Tel USB toaster can be on its way to making your Christmas toast a paler shade of brown.

The Pig-Tel USB 2 slice toaster – out of the box * requires car battery !

Act now, and we’ll throw in an iVegemite oink cartridge and if you’re one of the first two callers, we go the whole hog and give you an automatic honey spreader.

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Distributed at the back of the car park of the Pig’s Arms – by the Hell’s Angles Out-of-the Boot Logistics Corporation.