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Tutu wondering how did she ever meet Hung

Seeing that we have gone musical lately I thought I would share this tune with you done by my alter ego, Mark. This recording went through a very complex path. First I use a computer program called Band-in-a-Box. You write you backing tracks in this program by adding the chord structure. You pick a style and the software creates the backing, drums, bass and keyboard. This is then recorded onto my Boss 4 track tape deck onto the first track. On the second track some guitar is added by taking a line out of the amp into the 4 track. Vocals are added direct via a microphone, in this case a Shure SM58, straight into the deck. I left the fourth track for a guitar solo but never got around to finishing the project. This was written 15 to 20 years ago and it’s about my life time dream, to win lotto. Enjoy the laugh.

Hung One On – Utopia

For those that play, this song has the same chords as Gloria by Van Morrison but backwards and slower, plus I did make a few little alterations.