Doing what he does best

Hey. Hung here. A few weeks ago prior to my “sickness”, which lead to”hospital”,  full of “nurses” and you know Hells Hospital is a true fictional account of hospitals and nurses I forgot,  due to the stress of rubbing shoulders with Loreen,  to post about the request for Seasick Steve.

Seasick Steve was born a poor black American and saved up and had the operation, just like Mikey. No I jest. Steve is an American guy you plays the blues on guitar however his niche is that he tunes he guitar differently to standard tunings. Steves story can be found here,


The video clip,

The mp3 as it has a better sound quality,

01 Started Out With Nothin’

The official site,


The t-shirt,

R.R.P. $9.95 – On Sale Nowhere

Hope you enjoy