Ant Musings (3)

Story and Painting by Lehan Winifred Ramsay

There’s a card in the Tarot called The Hanged Man. The hanged man is stuck up a tree, tied upside-down, unable to escape. If the hanged man stops struggling, makes use of his time observing the world upside-down, then it will be time spent well. I don’t really know what kind of benefit I could receive by spending years as an ant. I do know what I want, perhaps that’s a start? I want to find problems that need to be fixed. I’m quite good at it, and I figure that a ten-percent clean-up will often solve the problem, without too much effort, and a twenty-percent clean-up will bring out new possibilities. I’m convinced of it. I also believe that many errors are simply work in need of a little revision. Up to the present, I’ve taken a hands-on approach, so most of the problems I’ve found are my own. I’m always happy to share my considerations of other problems. Nobody much wants to hear about problems from an ant though.