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Painting and Story by Lehan Winifred Ramsay

Q: What is Cubist?

A: Someone, who analyzes, breaks up, and reassembles objects, in an abstracted form, is often, in today’s information and tolerance society, identified, and labelled, as being “Cubist”.

People, who are really Cubist, are known to be totally dismissive of cultural and societal norms, to distort knowns, to be formally inaccurate; further, they have a total disregard for proper shading.

These days, with the popularity of The World Wide Web, Cubism is casting a dismal, and slightly mildewy, shadow upon people, who know better: who have outgrown the unsophisticated, and uncouth, behaviours of those previous generations, who didn’t know better.

Cubism is the tool, of the unenlightened. People, who are really Cubist, are really, really, not getting it. That’s why, they do it.

(historical sources and references: Wikipedia)