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Aba Roc


Poem by Sandshoe


Dear O

Dear O


my man is a Bedouin

without home

without hope

and the caravanserai

is wallerahing

among the oases.


Wallah, Wallah, Aba Roc

Allah, Wallah, Aba Roc


Wilson 87

 Author’s note: I scrawled Aba Roc on no foundation other than reflection on original Arabic culture insofar as less and less as I understood it Bedouin lived free of compromise that meant they lived in urban settings and their existence was made complex by contemporary market stresses particularly, themselves frequently inclusive at the centre of power mongering and side-lined, depending on class and gender, geographical location, situation in hierarchies, victims as well as perpetrators.

Now the success or otherwise of the Arab Spring as we generally refer to it is centre piece.

We quantify the losses now in deaths amounting to tens, hundreds of thousands of citizens and military personnel. The situation remains heartbreaking for the women and the men of the Bedouin.