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Tomorrow's 43 squares bogan ghetto

Tomorrow’s 43 squares Mcmansion  bogan ghetto

Story by LindyP

Today we live in bigger and bigger houses, enormous Tuscany coloured soulless sterile barns , often occupied by less than 4 people. Families are more and more isolated -hostile shutters cover their windows which seem to say  -go away –keep out-this is MY place.

The backyard gate is padlocked shut and behind huge fences we can see gigantic barbecues,  swimming pools, water features with special effect lighting and Balinese furniture that belongs in a temple –in Bali…..

Inside you may find vast sterile living areas dominated by granite-topped benches, massive flat screen tv’s and flawless stainless steel surfaces, games rooms and theatre rooms, oozing with ostentation.

At the very end of the house  the teenager’s bedrooms are filled with computer technology and more TVs , so they only have to come into contact with their parents if they really want to eat –heaven forbid.

Small spaces , filled with clutter and friendly chatter are my preferred life choices.  I like claustrophobic cramped rooms where people’s body space is limited and conversation flows freely and with ease.

I grew up in a small house where cousins, aunts and uncles all sat on the same couch  (visions of the ‘Royle Family’ sitcom !), because there was no other place to sit, and sharing of thoughts was warm and cosy as we gazed at the coal fire glowing.

I liked staying outside  til dark with friends under the shabby street light , and not being afraid. I liked the smell of Yorkshire pudding in the oven on Sundays , and the sound of Bing Crosby on the radio-it meant that my father was in a good mood –not a common occurrence .

My childhood wasn’t the best , but I sometimes have a longing for those days  (the good ones) and wonder what memories we are creating for the young of today.