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Story and Painting by Lehan Winifred Ramsay

One thing that I remember so well from my early days with my cat. I used to notice how much he loved to climb the fly-screens over the windows, one day I realized that what he was actually doing was jumping on them and climbing to the level of my head, and that the reason he was doing that was that I would absentmindedly get up and pay him some attention. Generally in the manner of pouring out some cat food for him, or at least wandering over to the window to shoo him down.

I suppose it was at that time that I became aware of him as something more than a cat.

Later on, finding someone to live in my house with him while I went away for an extended period of time, I returned to find him living in an old apartment block, and upon seeing me he returned to live in my house. I went away for ten months, and when I returned he welcomed me, he clearly knew me, I think he may have loved me.

So it’s really my own deception to say that he was just a cat; he was not. He was my cat.