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Image borrowed with thanks from visualphotos.com (is there any other kind ?)

Image borrowed with thanks from visualphotos.com (is there any other kind ?)

Story by LindyP

Early after sunrise I open the door to release the heavy cramped night air . It seems to rush out with relief as it makes way for morning warmth, morning sounds. The crisp brightness crowds into my room to refresh and cling to all things inside: it welcomes my comforting routine of making coffee, checking emails, speaking nonsense to my cat-it is good to be alive.

I live in a community of lost souls-this is where I live, and this is how I see them. They include the disadvantaged, the unfortunate, the sick and the poor. Their stories are of struggle, illness, and lack of opportunity, often victims of a society that has forgotten how to care.

Yet this is not a sad place to live –others live here too, and laughter, happy sounds, and friendly chatter are a constant reminder in this neighbourhood of the kindness of others – this can be found in something as small as offering someone the use of internet or phone, or offering a lift to someone to do their shopping.

These battlers have cultivated and nurtured friendships along the way, in spite of their problems and hardships–or even perhaps because of these things. They have found some special bond that seems to last through adversity and I have known people move on and come back –such is the strength of friendship created and the comfort in knowing they will be welcomed back.

I step up the hill on my morning walk and turn the corner to face the breeze. The morning environment is full of sights, sounds and smells that stimulate the memory. I see and smell the gum trees and it takes me back —–

My first contact with dry land in Australia was in 1973 and as I stepped off the boat with my family I thought I’d never seen a sky so bright and a sea so blue. This has stayed with me for 40 years, like the first smell of a gum tree, and the first time I heard the magic of a bellbird’s call.

I return to my front door-my quiet space – this is where I live, and I feel blessed to live here.