Story by LindyP

I found them in the op-shop, sitting in a corner turning the pages of a huge book. They were sharing the joys of this book and happy in each other’s company. We exchanged greetings  and I left them to their animated chatter.

They are my neighbours , an extraordinarily quaint old  couple who I think may have been married  for forever and a day. I find their gentle company comforting  and  I smile to see the warmth and respect they have for each other. They have an almost antique charm, a rare quality seemingly unaffected by their long journey through life together, and oblivious to the madness of today’s world.

Their lives are simple, pleasant and humble. They love their garden, their books and their cat.

Every few months they discuss the fate of the huge frangipani outside their front door. They stand together gazing upwards, nodding and nattering to each other, smiling then frowning. A decision must be made to cut some branches off –it is getting too big. Then they go back inside to think about it.

Another six months passes by and there they are again, standing in front of it, pointing and doing imaginary cuts with their hands. I sometimes wonder if they have short term memory loss and have forgotten that they discuss the fate of this beautiful tree at such regular intervals ? Meanwhile the tree gets more magnificent every year.

I will miss them when they are gone; I will miss their quaintness, their quiet ways, and their love for the frangipani.