Story by LindyP

The world is too much with us.

My knowledge of anything to do with IT is very limited ,being as I am , a senior citizen who still writes in longhand to friends , still plays CD’s, and hasn’t a clue what an i-pod dock is .

So last week I decided to get some help to download apps on my phone from my local mobile/internet provider who I have a contract with .

Firstly I must add without hesitation that Perth has quite a solid reputation for bad customer service.

Not to be deterred I found the kiosk in the shopping centre where 3 young employees were occupying computer screens.
The disinterested look on their faces as I approached said it all.

I stood and waited —and waited –then in the end politely asked for some help. One of the lads , who appeared to forgotten to get BOTH sides of his hair cut at his last visit to hairdresser, turned to me (without taking his eyes off the computer screen ) and said ‘YES ?’

I explained my problem -he reluctantly left his warm seat to come over and take my phone from me.

At this stage I had to assume that he had no more words left at his disposal after the exhaustion of leaving his chair and uttering the one word syllable.

He then stood at the bench propping himself up at the bench with one hand and playing with my phone with the other-two hands would have been more than he could have coped with. He did this for 10 minutes and interjected with IT Speak if I dared to interrupt his skillful work. Finally he gave me back my phone and said —‘There yer go ‘

I walked away like a stunned mullet . I have absolutely no idea what he did -there was no communication whatsoever .

All I wanted was a new ring-tone.